My Favourite Straighteners with ghd and Glamoriser Freestyler!

So, I attempted to film three Youtube videos in one day, the first being an everyday makeup look, as the two others required makeup and it just made sense to do. The two videos were meant to be two different sides of my hair being styled by two different brands and kind of straighteners, but that didn’t pan out too well. Whilst reviewing the ghds, I forgot about leaving my Glamoriser Freestyler on and they lost battery power after one curl. One. Therefore, to save my stress levels, I’ve combined the two posts into this one! Which will probably be far more interesting anyway….well, hopefully.
Ghd V Gold Classic Styler
I use ghds on a daily basis, they’re my go to hair straighteners and I adore them with every fibre of my being. They always last me years and therefore I have never blinked an eyelid when having to replace them every 3-4 years or so. They’re absolutely fantastic, so being asked to try out the ghd V Gold Classic Styler made me incredibly excited. I didn’t want to be too over the top with my love for ghd, as I think it’s already quite clear, so I reviewed and tried them out for the first time in my video. The Gold V Stylers retail at £129 and have a 2 year service guarantee which ensures you that you’re getting an incredible product and high level of assurance for your money. They’re beyond my favourite brand to use at home and anywhere where I can find a plug, but what if there’s no plugs around?


Glamoriser Freestyler


Well, that question has been answered by Beauty Expert and their Glamoriser Freestyler which have really blown my mind. I know there’s been portable straighteners around for years, but none have ever sounded as good as these. They’re £69.99 and worth every single penny. The Glamoriser Freestyle is so lightweight that I can have it in my bag without noticing or being weighed down. They come in a stylish black case which makes them easy to find in a busy bag and keep them safe. The plates are infused with oil which helps make your hair look extra shiny too, which is always a plus. They’re meant to be ready to us in just 2 minutes, but I like the leave them a tad longer as I don’t think they’re warm enough to curl with immediately, even though they do reach 200°C. They only take 3-4 hours to heat up and last for up to 40 minutes styling time, not that I can say I could do my entire hair with them as my hair is so thick, but these are definitely perfect for touch ups whilst travelling for me. A new found love for sure.


Please do check out my video on these straighteners and tell me what you think!

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  1. 11th October 2015 / 9:03 pm

    I have the ‘normal’ Richard Ward Glamouriser straighteners & hairdryer (sparkly purple darling, gotta be done!) and I loved them BUT the irons have just stopped heating up properly after 15 months. Really cheesed off about that ‘cos they were about £90 I think? So not as £ as my GHDs but still…

    So yeah, that would put me off buying the portable version. A damn shame, as I could really use them for weekends away etc & they’re probably as fab as the original. Sad face! Xx