My Favourite Lindybop Style, Lisette

Lindybop Lisette

I’ve tried quite a few Lindybop styles now but nothing has ever impressed me as much as the Lindybop Lisette. It’s just such a good style on me, and they’re so comfortable to wear. The 3/4 sleeve means that I don’t have to mess around with layers, the wide flared skirt that just hits my knees is long enough to never have to bother with tights or leggings, even if it’s cold. The bow at the back means that I look pretty from all angles and the tailored bodice fits takes me in at the waist to create my favourite vintage-esque shape.

The Lisette dresses have been available in many different colours and styles, including this blue one that I reviewed last year. At £35 they’re a steal, they last for so long and they wash really well. You just have to be careful not to pull the lace, as I kept wearing stupid jewellery with my blue one, but I’ve been super careful this time.

I always size up in Lindybop so now I’m wearing a 24 and apart from being a little baggy around the chest, it’s a really good fit.

Lindybop LisetteLindybop LisetteLindybop Lisette

I added my new favourite bag from Joanie for a pop of colour on a bright day. Isn’t it cute!? This Lovely Heart Shaped Bag is £28 and it’s so beyond chunky, the zipper is quite small but you can get a lot in knowing that it won’t easily fall out. I’ve had so many compliments on it already, it’s definitely going to be my favourite bag of the summer!

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  • kirst the worst

    So cute. I think LindyBop as a brand were made for you! haha <3

  • Camilla

    This dress is super cute!
    I have to try this brand on me!



  • Looking absolutely FAB!

    Lindy Bop’s sizing annoys me, as I can be any of three sizes depending on the style. Haven’t tried a Lisette yet, but on this evidence it has to be only a matter of time!

    Lis / last year’s girl x