Father’s Day with Click Fragrance

June has always been a busy month for my family as it’s Father’s Day, my Dad’s birthday, my Brother’s birthday and all the shopping joys that come with it jam packed into two weeks. I always find men really easy to shop for, especially the men in my family. My Dad must be the easiest man to shop for ever, he’s happy with pretty much everything and is always grateful for boring gifts like socks and pant! In fact some years, he actually asks for them. But now, being fully stocked up on the everyday necessities, it’s time for a pamper and treat year as he is turning 50 just a couple days after Father’s Day! Which obviously means we have to spoil him rotten. Some people do find shopping for men difficult though, but there are lots of places to shop where everything becomes so much simpler and less stressful. Click Fragrance has hundreds of big brand names at affordable prices, meaning you have more money to spend on your special man. You can save up to a massive 80% on Click Fragrance which stocks everything from aftershaves and makeup to haircare, meaning there’s definitely something for everyone.

If you’re struggling for ideas this Father’s Day or any birthdays, my top tip would be to buy aftershave. Obviously not just any one, you have to do a little ground work first and find out what scents and brands they like and what actually suit them. For my Dad it’s definitely anything from Joop and Hugo Boss, any aftershave he’s ever tried from them he’s always ended up liking and wanting more of. Click Fragrance stock many different aftershaves in their ranges including Joop Homme*. A spicy yet floral scent that’s perfect for any occasion or season, it’s often described as ‘oriental’ and ‘timeless’ which makes it a perfect buy when buying for any man. The top notes are quite sharp fruity smells with lemon and orange but then it leads to more floral with jasmine and cinnamon. Finally, the case notes are a deep woody blend of vanilla, cedar and tonka. Originally this was my Brother’s favourite aftershave, but seen as my Dad likes to borrow them, I can see them both fighting for it. At Click Fragrance it’s only £19.71 for 75ml compared to it’s normal retail price of £32, that makes it an incredible bargain!


One of my favourite aftershaves on a man is Hugo Boss, Boss Bottled, Night*. It’s been around since 2010 yet it’s an irresistible masculine scent that makes people want to buy it again and again. It’s quite a woodsy and spicy scent with musky lavender and violet. It’s definitely an aftershave for more night time rather than a Summer’s Day. I find it’s too dark to wear throughout the day, but it has that real scent that makes heads turn and make people want to know what you’re wearing. Definitely my favourite type of perfume/aftershave. It retails for around £41 for 50ml, but with Click Fragrance it’s only £21.95!
As well as aftershaves, Click Fragrance have Men’s Skincare, including my favourite pick of this adorable Cowshed Pocket Cow Bullocks For Men travel set for just £16.95, containing for different products. Perfect for trying things out, or if your dad travels a lot as this way it’s hard to forget the necessities.
What have you bought the men in your life this year?