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Father’s Day is coming up and so I’ve been collecting things to suit any kind of dad, or father figure that you may have. I seem to have the neediest and most demanding parents when it comes to an occasion to buy presents for them, and they always want spoiling. I can’t complain as they’re quite lovely parents (I won’t big them up too much ;)), my Dad isn’t an obvious as my Mum and usually gets his 6 month stock of pants and underwear. It’s quite handy that Father’s Day happens to always be around his birthday and half way through the year.

Father's Day Gift Guide For All Budgets!

This year I’ve been focussing on gifts that he can really get use out of, as well as more affordable funner things and so, I have a collection of watches from 3 different brands to suit any man. First up is Abbott Lyon with the Black Gator Kensington Silver at £129. Now this may look like just a fancy watch, but there’s a lot going on with this. The Kensington range is such a classic, timeless British designed range that really caught my eye. With interchangeable straps and the highest of quality checks before the watch is sent out, you are guaranteed to get the best for your money. It’s real leather, with crystal sapphire scratch-proof glass as well as being waterproof!

Uncle Jack is launching in the UK on May 1st and is for a little more of a statement, especially as the watch itself is rather bigger and bolder. The Rose Gold Black is definitely my favourite at £75. Obviously with not launching yet it isn’t available to but watch out on May 1st as these watches are bound to be as popular as they in Australia. This is another genuine leather, stainless steel watch but with the ever popular rose gold look. I love it!

Father's Day Gift Guide For All Budgets!Father's Day Gift Guide For All Budgets!

Finally, the Jord Wood Watch which is an usual one. The FRANKIE series Zebrawood & Champagne is a beautiful different watch as, you’ve guessed it, it’s made from wood.  This $179 watch is pure luxury, from the giant face to the easy deployment buckle. The zebrawood is finished by hand and treated with oil, it’s splash-proof and also features the sapphire crystal glass. I do love a fancy watch and this definitely wows. It’s bulkier and bigger than the other watches and made to fit, so you don’t have to cut off circulation or have it dangling about!

If watches aren’t for the men in your life, how about sunglasses? The Superdry range at My Glasses Guru has an amazing range of sunglasses to suit any man, plus they have a fun tool to help you decide which pair suit you best.


There’s also the brand new Michael Kors Extreme Blue which is the perfect scent for the upcoming Summer. At £63 for 120ml it’s also a good price. It’s a mix between being super fresh and a hint of musk. With top notes of Bergamot and pepper, heart notes of sage and base notes of patchouli, it’s quite honestly one of the most pleasant smelling aftershaves I’ve ever smelt. Usually they can be quite overpowering but this sits beautifully without overpowering. All the men in my house, Alfie, Dad and Daniel have been using it and they’re all a fan!

Father's Day Gift Guide For All Budgets!Father's Day Gift Guide For All Budgets!

For men who like more of a pamper there is the new Great British Grooming Co. I had Alfie test out these products for me a while ago and he’s declared them as a great start range into men’s grooming. It seems to be growing in popularity by the day, men want their own products and they want things for their ever-growing beards too. This brand features a Beard Thickening Serum, Beard Oil, Beard Balm and a Beard Wash. The beard thickening oil isn’t impressive at all as it really doesn’t do much, but the rest isn’t bad. Great if the men in your life want to try something different or new. All of the products are under a tenner too!

Father's Day Gift Guide For All Budgets!

Looking for something small and fun instead? Why not try a chocolate beer! The Meantime Chocolate Porter is perfect for those beer fans. It’s brewed with real chocolate and four different roasted malts. This went down a treat and is a definite favourite for a little gift. Available online at £21.99 for cases of 12 x 330ml bottles.

Not a fan of chocolate? Personalised Father’s Day Bottle of Cider from I Just Love it at £10.99 is utter perfection. I absolutely love how personalised it is and that it’s quite a big bottle too at 568ml, plus it’s 4.5%! From a distance you can’t even tell it’s personalised so I really think that adds to the surprise. A little pricey if you just look at it as cider but obviously it’s a bottle you’d keep. To go along with the cider I picked out a Personalised Great British Sweet Jar at £8.99, the perfect pair. This isn’t the father’s day sweet jar but as you can add any message, you can easily turn it into one!



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