Fashion World Party Survival Guide

Recently, Fashion World, an online plus size retailer, came up with a fun info graphic on their website, a Party Survival Guide and sent out a little survival pack in snazzy boxes to see what bloggers thought. My very sparkly gold box contained hair grips, Vaseline, clothing tape, hair spray and body tape, making the perfect party essentials, for the average person.

However, I am extremely high maintenance, and I know others will be too. Which is why I thought I would post what I consider to be my perfect survival kit and what it entails. I’m a very ‘just in case’ type of person, which means over packing and being overly prepared is my speciality, but, if you’re having a hair, face, or clothing disaster, I’m the right girl to be nice too.

Fashion World Party Survival Guide

Some things that are absolutely essential are of course, hair spray, I can’t argue with Fashion World on their choice either as that’s a pretty strong spray. Dry shampoo is another essential that I never leave home without, but I’m not talking about these big and bulky bottles where you have to wait for it to dry first, I’m talking Lush’s No Drought. Despite leaving Lush, I cannot deny that they do in fact have some of the best products, including this powder dry shampoo. Perfect to stick in a little container and carry around on a night out.

There isn’t much you can’t fix with these two, but just in case I carry Shine So Bright, an oil based hair balm that not only makes your hair smell nice, but it’ll also hydrate and calm frizz. Perfect if you end up getting a little hot and frizzy on the dance floor. I always also take deodorant and a solid perfume, as well as little perfume samples. I cannot stand the smell of BO, so I always come prepared. I find that Pitpaste is the most light and convenient deodorant to carry around, and you’re always grateful to find it in the bottom of your bag.

Ideally, whatever makeup I have on my face that night will come with me. However, often it ends up being powder, concealer, lipstick and eyeliner as I can pretty much fix any makeup disaster with these. Lastly, a little comb is always preferred, but if my bag is big enough I will literally just take a tangle teaser, that way I can lightly backcomb and add some life back into my danced out hair.

Do I over pack or is this normal? Let me know what you take on a night out!

*The box was a PR Sample

  • Marsya Jauzi

    wow, Lush dry shampoo seems awesome. Great post.

  • VintageFrillsBlog

    It’s probably better to be prepared, however I literally pack cash, powder and a lipstick in the smallest bag I can find and hope for the best.

  • Body tape is such a handy thing for so many issues!

    Sophie x

  • I usually take as much make up I can fit in my bag, but I have to take a lipstick a comb and perfume, when I went to my christmas party this year I applied false nails (as my nails are shocking) I put some extras in my bag and lucky I did as I loose a few throughout the night.
    Might have to take a look at the lush dry shampoo – can’t beat a good dry shampoo.


  • I don’t leave the house without dry shampoo – I’ve ruined my hair with excessive gyming/swimming and dry shampoo saves me all the time!

    C xx

  • Sounds like you’re doing a great pack to me 🙂 Personally I couldn’t live without body tape. I find new ways of using it where ever I go 😉 xx