Farmaline Selection

Farmaline is an online pharmacy that sell anything and everything you could possibly need or want. I was very pleased and excited when they contacted me to review some things, and even more excited when a very thoughtful selection arrived at my door. With a range of different brands and products, I was bound to find a new favourite and I certainly did. Hence the empty bottle in the back of the photo. But I’ll get onto that shortly. Farmaline have quite a lot of promotions on meaning you can bag a real bargain.


Rene Furterer Okara Radiance Enhancing Conditioner, £14.45
– This is meant to help the colour of your hair and it has actually saved mine. Recently, I’ve dyed my hair a lot brighter and it is taking a lot more upkeep than I intended, I slept in this overnight and the next day my hair looked incredible. So much so that I was showered in compliments. I could see myself buying a bottle of this!

Rene Furterer Karité Nuit Capillaire Intense Nourishing Treatment Leave-In, £ 22.79
– I found this to be absolutely delightful. It was always as if my hair magically became softer and more manageable because there was nothing left behind to show I had just massaged cream into it. I’m very impressed by it as it has the same results as a protective hair oil, without the worry of putting too much on and ruining your hair for the day.

Louis Widmer Skin Appeal Lipo Sol Tonique, £7.55
– I love trying different toning waters lately, as I’ve been stuck on the same ones for years and never noticed how many they are and how different they feel. This one is absolutely fantastic at removing any leftover makeup and making the skin feel incredibly clean.

Louis Widmer Fluide Hydration UV 6, £14.41
– This product is a moisturiser that can also be used as a primer, I really like the feel of it as it’s moisturising without being too much or too little. It’s the perfect in between.

Nuxe Body Fondant Shower gel, £6.44
– I love the how natural this product is, vegetable base and soap free. It smells divine.

Farmaline Lip balm, £2,54
– A lovely little handy balm that’s very moisturising and makes my lazy days so much better.

Roc Cleaning Lotion Eyes Double Operation, £8.35
– I completely emptied the bottle, I could not stop using it! Such an easy yet safe way to remove eye makeup and any other makeup! With it being an oil base, I obviously had to remove the left over oil, but it was really worth it to feel so clean and spotless. I did work through the bottle worryingly fast, but I was really impressed with it and I would definitely recommend it.

Apivita Body Energy – Energising Body Scrub, £16.28
– I LOVE SCRUBS. This one is a very exfoliating yet moisturising and creamy every day scrub. It’s gentle enough to use whenever without worry.  Well, I say gentle but really it’s a medium roughness which I love.

Uriage Aquaprecis Refreshing Gel-cream, £14.86
– Another facial moisturiser that I really enjoyed, nothing overly special though.

Lierac Sensorielle Gel Douche, £9.15
– My mum’s new favourite smell, it’s a jasmine scent that my mum’s friend used to smell of all the time, we have always liked it but never known what it was. This is another shower gel, although it smells divine as a body lotion!


Overall, I’m incredibly impressed at the range Farmaline has to offer and the promotions/discounts make it even better!