How old are you?I’m a baby at 21. 

Where are you located?

Who colours your hair? What colour is it?I do my own hair at home and my parents hate me for it as our bathroom is mostly pink now. I use Crazy Colour Vermillion Red 99.9% of the time. I will try others but then I always fix it with Crazy Colour. Currently it has Cerise from Directions on top.

What size are you? How tall are you?
I’m usually a 20/22 and I’m 5’3.

How did you get into plus size modelling?

I’m not actually a signed model, trained or remotely professional at all. I sometimes have modelling opportunities but they all come through my blog and through them I have been the Face of Scarlett & Jo and BBW Couture’s Vintage Range. As I model as a blogger, I do insist that I do my own hair and makeup on shoots, whereas actual models would not get a choice in this.
What makeup do you use? 
Because I am a beauty blogger too, I am constantly trying out new products. If I’m wearing a dark red/purple lipstick it most definitely is MAC Diva. Other than that, it’s best just to read the posts or ask on a specific photo to make sure.How do you have such confidence all the time?

Why should I not? I’m hot and happy. A little vain and a tad arrogant too when I feel like it.
Seriously though, I’ve had a lot of crappy comments thrown at me during my short time on this Earth but through them, I have never completely hated myself. Sure I’ve not loved myself as much as I do now, but with age comes more knowledge, understanding, and maturity, and I know completely understand and agree that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Plus I am against body shaming and will argue with narrow minded people until I am blue in my face to show others than it is wrong.

Who is Majesty and Gypsy?

Gypsy is a cat we have had for maybe over 10 years now, she’s been on my blog a few times and Majesty is a cat that I was fostering from the RSPCA Sheffield. We thought it was a done deal and she was perfect for us, but she is an older cat at 14 and had a lot of medical problems.  Whilst I was in Rome, my parent’s tried to sort the issues and get her to settle down but it wasn’t meant to be, so we had to give her back and hope they can make her better.

Can I interview you for a blog series/publication/for fun?YES. People seem so nervous about asking me as if I will breathe fire on them and say no but I actually love questions and getting out there. It’s fun, I can be interesting and sarcastic upon request so please don’t be shy.

Who made your blog header?

It’s a combination between hours spent finding a font and making it the way I liked myself, and then Kathryn from Murder of Goths drawing me. As soon as I saw the photo I knew I wanted it in my logo so I did!