False Lashes, Should You Save or Splurge? #FestivalSOSBox.

It always annoys me when eyelash reviews don’t show what they look like on, so for that reason, this post is a little picture heavy. Following on in my Save or Splurge #FestivalSOSBox series with Voucher Clouds, now I’ve got a pair of lashes under £5, under £10 and under £20. Lashes are definitely something that most women struggle to find the perfect pair, but when you do, you can’t get enough. Currently I’ve tried everything from ebay specials to Chelsea Boutique’s amazing quality and a lot in between. It’s always good to know if you can really get lashes that will last again and again at affordable prices. I’ve always thought that surely the most expensive ones must be the better quality as they’d obviously last longer, but that wasn’t the case at all.
Eylure are well known for amazing quality and beautiful lashes and these were no exception. Although they were a little thinner and longer than I was expecting, they can make any subtle look that tiny bit more dramatic. They were easy to apply and despite being the best pair for value, they even came with glue, which is pretty amazing too and handbag size! I really genuinely love Eylure but I always find it difficult to tell which length of eyelashes I actually need as these did  seem a little too bit to wear without eyeliner and more eye makeup, however I can easily get 4+ uses out of these by carefully cleaning off any glue and products on them. For all of these reasons, these eyelashes were actually my second favourites and I’d recommend them to anyone.


Eylure Lengthening Lashes 155, makeup revolution, georgina grogan
Eylure Lengthening Lashes 155, georgina grogan
MAC lashes 4, £10.50
This was my first time trying MAC Lashes and knowing how much everyone raves about MAC and loves them, I was a little underwhelmed when I first saw them. They looked very short and thin, as if they wouldn’t do much for me at all. Having naturally long eyelashes isn’t always a blessing. However, I was blown away with how easy to apply and long lasting these lashes were whilst I tested them out at a fair! They made my eyes look perfected and slightly enhanced. These lashes would definitely last a long time despite having a fairly thin band. MAC Lashes are definitely my new favourites and I’m going to be checking them out further.
MAC lashes 4, mac cool palette, georgina grogan
MAC lashes 4,
The most expensive lashes ended up causing me great difficultly. I can put my lashes on in the back of a taxi, it’s really no problem for me, but trying to put on this ridiculously thick and for some reason, adamantly straight band was too much of a trauma. I ended up with glue everywhere but the lashes and the looked horrific. After cutting them down to suit my eye shape more and bending the band into shape, repeatedly, they finally looked really nice with full eye makeup. Almost like whispy, pixi  lashes. However, I would definitely not  recommend this  style to anyone, I’m sure Shu Uemura have some beautiful lashes, but these are not them…


Shu Uemura Smoky Layers Lashes, nv colour cosmetcs
Shu Uemura Smoky Layers Lashes
Some of the pictures are not the best quality due to taking the pictures in the middle of road testing them. In all of the photos I am wearing Anastasia Brow Pomade in Chocolate, and either my Makeup Revolution Palettes (Eylure), MAC Cool Palette (MAC) or NV Colour Cosmetics (Shu). Click the links to see past reviews of those!What do you think to these eyelashes?

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