Face.co.uk – The Hottest New Website For Beauty Lovers!

I’ve been talking about the Violet Voss – Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette so much these past few months that I convinced myself that I had already wrote about it! Face.co.uk is the hottest new website for beauty lovers and I’m not exaggerating at all. From the creators or Falseeyelashes.co.uk, it already has the most incredible brand and product selections, but we wouldn’t expect anything less! When I first saw that the Violet Voss palette was a whopping £45 I knew that I was really going to have to put this palette to the test so I could see why it’s so expensive.


So I did, I used different brushes, different bases, and wore it for longer and longer periods of time until I eventually made my mind up. I love it! It’s such a versatile palette that you can create so many beautifully striking, or stunningly natural looks with. The glitters in these palettes are fantastic when used wet or dry and I’ve definitely created some of my best looks with this palette. It’s now the one that I reach for constantly and the one that I’m always talking about.

Face.co.uk have an incredible selection of brands and I have been loving trying some of them out. We all know by now that I have my favourite lashes, you can read about them here, but I do love to branch out from time to time. I ended up really loving all these different pairs apart from the KoKo Lashes – Madame Wispy at £11.50, they were actually too wispy! They had no direction when they were on and I looked rather strange.


The Peaches and Cream Lashes – Style No. 18 at £6.50 were actually my favourites of this selection, I wore them in this blog post on River Island and I love how they made my eyes look. They’re very delicate lashes so they’re only good for the first couple wears and they don’t clean off as well as some other brands. The House of Lashes – Siren at £12 are such an unusual shape but they really do look amazing on. I wore these without mascara and I loved how different they were.


I’m currently using my first House of Lashes Precious Gem Lash Case – Rose Quartz at £18.00 constantly, and I mean constantly. It’s incredible at keeping your lashes safe and in shape. Usually I stick them all in an empty Red Cherry box, but with the box being plastic and easily opened, it means that they can still get damaged or lost, but not with this. With this box not only do my lashes look stylish and pampered in such a pretty box, but they’re keeping their shape so well and I’m getting SO much more wear out of them! To the point where I went the longest time ever between stocking up on lashes. I’m seriously impressed and I cannot recommend them enough. There’s storage for three to be preserved properly and kept in shape, and then a huge amount of space to throw lashes underneath this. I’m seriously eyeing up the big version to keep even more in shape.


The most surprising lashes were the Lilly Lashes 3D Mink Lashes – Doha at £29.95. I didn’t like the look of these as straight away I could tell they weren’t something that I’d usually pick, but when I put them on, woah! They’re so fanned out at the edges and little at the front that they ended up being exactly what I look for in lashes. I’m going to get a closer photo of these on real soon, as with their price, you’ll have already guessed that you can wear these again and again!


Not only can you get makeup, makeup brushes, and lashes from Face.co.uk, but you can also pick up everyone’s favourite Beauty Blender – Original Sponge at £15.99! I know have around 5 of the original beauty blenders and they are truly the best for everything, liquids and powders. Cheaper brands are cheaper for a reason, the quality isn’t there for me, they just don’t compare to beauty blender!

Overall I’m so happy and impressed with Face.co.uk and I can definitely see myself ordering from the site in the future!

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  • I like the name of the website is so smart and easy to remember! That eyelashes case looks like a great idea too and very useful

    Mel // meleaglestone.co.uk