Eyelashes Galore! Nouveau, Eye Candy, Kiss Lashes & More!

Even though I have my favourite lashes that I absolutely adore (you can read about them here), I do love trying out different styles and brands as you never know when you’re going to come across your new favourites. Over the last couple months I’ve been trying out so many styles of lashes and I wanted to show you what they look like on. Let me know if you like me showing you all like this as I’d love to do it more!

eye candy lashes in 302

eye candy lashes in 302

Eye Candy lashes in 302

These Eye Candy lashes in 302 aren’t something that I’d usually go for based on how they look in the packet, but they look great on! I love how they’re longer at the ends to make my eyes look bigger and the different thickness gives them great depth. They’re £5.95 and slightly thicker than most, meaning you’ll definitely get a couple wears from these, they’re available at falseeyelashes.co.uk.


Kiss Lashes sent a group of bloggers a fabulous bundle including a personalised item, and I really loved that they went the extra mile to include me by making mine a personalised pillow! How amazing does this look in my office? I do love Kiss Lashes and the new faux mink collection is so stunning. Here I have both Gala and Midnight and they’re both such beautiful lashes. Mink lashes at £7.99 is amazing value as these have super thick bands meaning you can wear them again and again and they stay as good as new. In the bundle was their new black lash glue and it’s absolutely fantastic. I love black glue as it makes your lash line look thicker with darkening it even more. It’s a very strong glue and I’ve been using it more than my Duo lately.

georgina pillowkiss lashes

kiss lashes gala

Kiss Lashes Gala

Kiss Lashes midnight

Kiss Lashes Midnight

Nouveau Lashes are up next and these are definitely more natural styles, better for everyday wear or a more overall natural look. My favourites are definitely the natural style 2 as I like the fuller lash look, I feel like the Volume 4 style are a little too short for me, and the Volume 2 are a little thin but I love how long the band is. Nouveau Lashes are all under £5 making them a great price to try out and find a new favourite style! I do get quite a few wears out of these but they don’t have a super thick band like the others in this post so you do have to be gentle and have a lighter hand with them.

Nouveau volume style 4

Nouveau Lashes Volume Style 4

Nouveau volume 2

Nouveau Lash Volume 2

Nouveau natural style 2

Nouveau Lashes Natural Style 2

I’ve never heard of Pinky Goat lashes and that’s because they only launched in the UK this year and they’re exclusively at Superdrug. It’s an award winning brand that was founded in Dubai and these are honestly some of the nicest lashes I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. These are the Noura Lashes at £9.99 and they’ve been made extra curly for serious drama. They’re so heavily layered which makes them look so fluttery and glamourous. How incredible do my eyes look in the photo? I love these so much and I’ll definitely be picking up another pair, and trying more from this range too.

In the photo below I’m also wearing the Lord & Berry Shodō Eyeliner and although it isn’t the best one I’ve ever used, it’s still a really good liner! It won’t go over a lot of eyeshadow or glitters, but on a simple eye like the one below you can get a really good flick. At £16 it’s a little pricey but if you like the brand, then you should definitely try this.

Pinky Goat lashes Noura

Pinky Goat lashes Noura

Pinky Goat lashes Noura
Throughout this post I’ve used the new Essence Lash Princess which is a fabulous mascara for really adding lift to the lashes. It’s an incredible price of £3.30, making it cheap enough for everyone to be able to try it. I’m really surprised at how much lift it added to my lashes and I’m definitely going to be using it a lot in the future. It’s available and Wilko.

I also have the new Eyes of Horus Brow Fibre Extend on, I’m such a fan of the brand and I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. This is a beautiful brow extender and it comes in three shades, I’m wearing the dark. It’s not the best brow extender I’ve ever used, and it’s quite a wet formula so you have to be careful not to catch your skin, as it’s hard to blend back out. It’s fantastic to add definition and it’s vegan and cruelty free. At £19 it is on the pricey side but everyone needs a brow extender in their life. It’s available from Beauty Bay.

Essence Lash Princess

Eyes of Horus Brow Fibre Extend


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