Is it Time to get some Extra Help for your Elderly Loved One?

A little something different today seen as the excitement on Halloween is upon us. This is a topic that is very dear to my heart and something that I believe everyone should be aware of, and most importantly, everyone should know when it’s time to ask need help, as well as where to go. There’s nothing harder than the situations that require these questions, but there is so much help out there that you can be supported every step of the way.

Is it Time to get some Extra Help for your Elderly Loved One?
If you’re concerned about the wellbeing of an elderly loved one, you may have begun to look at different options out there to make their life a little bit easier.
One of those options is getting some extra help at home for them. Knowing whether it’s time to go for this can be tough, so we’ve put together some questions to ask yourself when considering this, to hopefully help you realise whether it’s right for your/their situation at the moment or not.

Is it Time to get some Extra Help for your Elderly Loved One?

Are they struggling with day to day tasks?
If day to day tasks are getting too difficult for them, it may be a very good idea to look into ways you can make things easier. Simple tasks that we take for granted can soon be a huge problem for elderly people, from getting out of bed to showering, to cooking or fetching groceries. This can be anything from purchasing things like mobility aids for the elderly to actually getting some professional help at home.

Are they experiencing any memory problems?
If your loved one is experiencing cognitive or memory problems, this can be a real concern as it could potentially cause an accident or other danger in their home. If you notice signs that they’re beginning to be more forgetful, you should definitely keep a close eye on them as small things won’t matter, such as forgetting where they placed their reading glasses, for example, but things like forgetting they have soup on the stove will potentially be much more serious.

Do they have any serious health problems?
As well as memory problems, physical health problems can of course make their lives harder and will be a cause for concern. Especially if they’re on a lot of medication and could use some help with taking it, for example, in-home help could be a real blessing.

Are they happy with where they live and don’t want to move?
Especially if it’s a family home in which they live, they may not want to have to move but could seriously benefit from some help that they’d get from living in a care home. This is when in-home help is ideal. Having some in-home help can be just as affordable as moving to a care home too (if not more so, depending on the level of help required and the amount of time they’ll need to spend there), so avoid letting this deter you when looking for Extra Care at Home.


 Extra Help for your Elderly Loved One

Do you struggle to have the time to help them as much as you’d like?
If you don’t have as much time to dedicate to caring for them as much as you’d like (if you work or have your own family, etc) then this can be a great way to ensure they are still receiving a high level of care but without you having to compromise too much on your life, which is no doubt a worry that our elderly loved ones may feel.

To find out a little more why I had to share this, feel free to read my post on Dementia Awareness Week and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It can make the world of difference.