Expensive Lashes VS Budget – Which is best? Red Cherry VS Mink Lashes

I wear lashes basically every single time I wear makeup now, I find them quicker, convenient and it completes the look that I’m going for. I have different lashes for different looks, but I definitely have my favourites too. I always, not normally, ALWAYS order my lashes from Falseeyelashes.com. They have an incredible selection, amazing prices, often they have deals or offers where they throw in a free pair and they always have a discount code laying around. I love a bargain but often companies don’t look after existing customers but Falseeyelashes.co.uk really know how to. Recently I was sent their most popular pairs of lashes, which obviously included my favourites because I have great taste, and some Mink Lashes which I haven’t tried before.

At Falseeyelashes.co.uk they have a range of lashes for every budget, but I mostly buy the Red Cherry Lashes which range between £3.49 and £3.99. Seriously affordable and you’ve most likely heard of them because they are amazing lashes, quality and style-wise.
Mink on the other hand have a range of 7 lashes which are all priced at £24.99. There’s quite a difference in price but it’s all down to the quality.

Red Cherry VS Mink Lashes Red Cherry VS Mink Lashes Red Cherry VS Mink Lashes

With Red Cherry, you can get a lot of wears out of them depending how careful you are, I can get up to 5, more if I forget about them for a while. You simply just pick off the glue and clean the mascara off with alcohol or a baby-wipe, remembering to only move in the direction of the lashes and be super delicate. (Red Cherry above)

Mink lashes are meant to last up to 25 wears which is obviously a positive if you’re really careful with your lashes, apply little to no mascara and keep them safe. However, I find that the band on the Mink lashes is a lot thicker, harder to apply and not as comfortable. It also takes a lot to hide the band, eyeliner, mascara and then there’s the trouble of if you stick them on ‘too well’ and the become dificult to get off. Often this results in lashes dying from mis-shaping with too much pressure in one area and I’d hate for that to happen after 3 wears with how expensive they are. At the same time this can happen on the first wear with Red Cherry, it’s hard to stop it and harder to fix it, well, virtually impossible.

For me, I’d rather spend £25 on a week’s worth of lashes that normally last an entire month than risk one pair lasting. Mink’s bands are just too big to disguise well and that’s how I like my lashes to look. I’m definitely a budget lash kinda girl, but I appreciate the quality of Mink, they’re just definitely not for my little eyes!



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  • I loveee a good fake lash! These look fab!

    Sophie x

  • Wow thank you so much for posting about falseeyelashes.com, I have only ever just settled for the ones available in Boots or Superdrug but given those are all available in one place I reckon I’ll be going lash mad come payday!

    Hannah x

  • Susan Smith

    Try BlazeofBeauty on EBay. Great selection, delivery has been quick and seller really nice. Good variation of eyelashes for every budget too. I used to swear by Red Cherry but now so many dupes on the market if you shop around you can save a considerable amount. XX