I absolutely love a good scrub after a long day, or just if my skin is being irritating. I have a condition on my legs where I’ll often itch until I bleed (disgusting I know), this means exfoliating takes away the need to itch whilst benefiting my skin instead of destroying it. It does mean I get through far too many exfoliators compared to a reasonable person but I don’t mind. It’s an important process that has to be done in order to get rid of dead skin cells and clear the way for new ones. Here are a few that are in my cupboard that I thought I would review and score for you all, this way if you like a harsh scrub like me, or a gentle one, you’ll see something of interest…hopefully anyway!

In no particular order

FCUK Body polish is up first, this is described as a ‘creamy exfoliator’ and it definitely is. There’s more cream than grainy parts so it didn’t really touch my skin. I was quite disappointed as it has a lovely smell and look about it, but it just didn’t have the exfoliation that a normal person, or I would like.

1/5 for roughness.

If you want something with a VERY GENTLE exfoliation then currently it’s selling for only £2 on the French Connection website.


Ted Baker’s Body scrub is beautiful. It’s like a very fine sugar scrub that gives a really good and harsh exfoliation. Harsh is ambiguous here as I’m meaning it in a good way, like YEAH TAKE MY LAYERS OF SKIN OFF, TAKE THEM ALL. It seems to come out at Christmas times and doesn’t seem to be available to buy separately, so keep your eyes open as this 5/5 SHOULD be coming back soon!


Oh my god, you really have to smell this product to understand my true love for it. A couple months ago, maybe more, I don’t care for time lately, I had an OBSESSION with mangos, mango juice, mango smoothies, mango bath melt (lush), MANGO EVERYTHING. So at Christmas I made the Boy at the time buy a lovely set of this for me. The other parts of the set haven’t survived as I pretty much used them straight away. This is the sugar scrub textured exfoliator which the same fragrance. It also gives a really nice exfoliation but there is a downside, only one, it leaves behind a layer of moisture that sometimes makes me feel unclean, and like I need to wash again. I hate this feeling so for that reason, and because I’m not rating it on smell alone, this would get 3/5. It’s £8 to buy from Boots.


Next up are the Lush Body Butters! (for those who haven’t seem them, they’re a solid bar that you rub onto wet skin, or wet the bar and rub onto dry skin.)


This is probably Lush’s favourite body butter as it even comes in a double version. It’s a very grainy exfoliator which means you definitely get a nice harsh scrub but it again leaves the layer of moisture on top of the skin. However this time it’s actually meant to clear redness on the tops of the arms and cellulite, I’ve seen the results and they’re fantastic, but I think I’ll just stick to having teenage skin on my arms as I really don’t like the after feel. I’ll always have one in just in case though, it also feels amazing on freshly shaven legs!

It’s £5.95 from Lush. 3/5 for this one again!

lush's buffy


You Snap The Whip smells like blackberries and creates a grey paste as you rub it in, it has a medium

kind of exfoliation as it’s very creamy. I found I used this up too quickly trying to get a harsher scrub so I’d give it a 4/5 because it didn’t leave any unwanted moisture afterwards, I like when scrubs just wash away when I’m done with them. It’s also £5.95 from Lush.




lush's you snap the whip


I know I said I wasn’t doing this is any particular order, but I left my favourite for last. Aqua Mirabilis is my best friend. I can truly get a layer of skin off with this one if I want. It’s a very harsh sand like exfoliation that is brilliant. It smells sandy to me and has ground almonds shells as the exfoliation. It’s fantastic on my legs, arms, anywhere. Sometimes I tend to get through it in about a week, but I don’t mind buying 4 a month because it’s definitely worth it. My skin feels amazing after using this! 5/5 and it’s £5.95 from Lush.lush's aqua mirablis

If you want to invest in a solid product from Lush, PLEASE dry it before storing, buy a tin to keep it in, or go read my post on how to get the most from your products right here!


Any harsh exfoliators out there that you think I should try?