Everyday Makeup Look

Normally I only stick to neutral colours with my lips and just eyeliner with mascara, but I had a little play around and found a much more ‘dramatic’ Makeup look that I rather liked and it has soon become my everyday makeup, especially for work.
Everyday Makeup


First I used a Tea tree toner water from Lush, £7.25.
– I started using this to help keep spots at bay, and so far I’m very impressed!
Followed by Vanishing Cream, also from Lush, £17.50.
– I needed a moisturiser that would ‘vanish’ into my skin fast enough to put makeup on, and not to leave my skin too oily.
Foundation: Max Factor Lasting Performance (fair), £9.99, mixed with MAC studio fix (NC 15), £20.50.
– MAC alone seems quite dark for my skin, even though it’s the lightest colour, so I mix it with my ‘daytime’ foundation, which is probably the palest one I’ve encountered, so far. Together they make a fantastic base. If I’m going out I’d probably use more MAC that Max Factor in the mixture.
Powder: Collection 2000 Pressed powder (ivory), £1.99.
– Very cheap as I seem to go through a lot, it’s the only powder I’ve found that actually sets my foundation rather than making my face look darker. It’s such a pain being pale.
Blusher: Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush (mulberry), £6.99.
– Stolen from my Mother as I decided I no longer wanted a bright pink blusher, this gives my face a much warmer tone.
Eyebrows/eyeshadow: Natural Collection eyeshadow (walnut), £1.79.
– This fantastic little container is my life saver. I do my eyebrows with it and I create a smokey eye look with it. So cheap, and actually brilliant.
Liquid Eyeliner: Lush Emotional Brilliance range (independent), £14.50.
– Before this I used a Collection 2000 eyeliner, you’ve probably all heard of it or used it, it’s great. But it could never stay on as long as Lush’s EB. One of the best makeup ranges I’ve ever come across, and I’m not being biassed! My new favourite for colours everywhere.
Pencil Eyeliner: Max Factor Khol pencil (black), £4.99.
– A pencil eyeliner has to be blacker than black for me. I can’t stand when it fades away, so luckily this one is perfect.
Mascara: Max Factor Masterpiece Max (black), £9.99.
– I’ve already done a post over my love of Max Factor mascaras, maybe eventually I’ll find another brand I like and that can truly help my lashes reach their full potential, but until then, ALWAYS MAX FACTOR MASCARAS.
For my lips I didn’t have a red lipstick so I used Lush EB range (perspective), a dark pink for a base, £14.50. 
With Mac Powder Blush (Frankly Scarlet), £17.50, brushed on top. 
– Now this was a little DIY, but I do love playing around with colours this way. Perspective is my usual day time colour, a dark pink that makes a perfect subtle lipstick, or a gorgeous cheek colour. However, for my red blush it makes a perfect base which is smooth enough to not make my lips look powdery.