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Makeup Atelier Paris
I know I keep saying I’m going to make an effort with my Youtube and upload more, but I really mean it this time. In fact, if you already subscribe to me, you’ll notice a massive 4 videos have been uploaded over the last couple weeks, including My Everyday Makeup Routine. That’s a big deal for me, I basically just need to be told what you all want to see for motivation and I can do it.
Makeup Atelier Paris
Makeup Atelier Paris
A constant request is my everyday makeup, as we all know I don’t really do the natural look so it is actually a lengthy tutorial with a lot of products. I do mix them up, but some things stay constant as they’re the best of the best for me. Including my Makeup Atelier Paris Waterproof Foundation in Clear Apricot. It is hands down the best foundation I have ever worn and I’m now about to finish my third bottle. I do fly through it, but simply because it’s my go-to London foundation. So on the days where I do need to take off my makeup and reapply, such as shoots on breaks, when I was presenting the Scarlett & Jo show and events, I do use a lot. Everyone knows that foundation after a while won’t look completely perfect and although I can normally get away with not reapplying at all, I love the first 4-6 hours of wear of this foundation. It really is flawless skin.
I’d definitely say that if you didn’t have really problematic and oily skin like I do, it would last even longer. On shoots I’ve noticed that it is the perfect colour match for me, shade and texture to ensure I look absolutely flawless and recently on a Simply Be shoot, the photographer turned around and said my skin already looked ‘photoshopped’, I mean, best compliment ever? Especially when 70% of my makeup was applied by myself and was Makeup Atelier Paris.A good foundation and flawless makeup is nothing without the right tools though. I am a huge fan of Nanshy Makeup Brushes and now I own more than I care to admit to. I constantly use them to the point they’re stained with hair dye from using them straight after styling freshly dyed hair. I love the Buffed Base brush to go over my foundation after applying it with my hands, it’s such a huge, rounded brush that somehow doesn’t drag foundation and instead has a ‘photoshopping’ smoothing effect on it. That and their Eyebrow Angled Detailer Brush are my absolute favourites that I cannot leave home without.


So, check out my video and let me know what you think! A full list of products can be found in the description.

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