Evening Skincare Routine

With my skin changing drastically in the last couple months, I’ve become obsessed with all things skincare. I’ve gone from basic Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturising to using a selection of products before my make up, and at night time. I’ve noticed an amazing change in my skin this past month from trying out different products and I wanted to share my favourites along with my actual night time routine. A lot of people struggle with what to use on your skin at night, but it can be really quick and simple, or take a while but be little pamper session. So here’s what I’ve been using….

Evening Skincare
Quinoderm Antibacterial Face wash, £1.99.*
Despite the ingredients sounding terrifying, which are explained in detail on their website, I tried to look at this product as if I had a normal knowledge of ingredients, instead of what Lush have taught me. It’s a blue liquid that takes every millimetre of make up off, regardless of the brand or quantity. It’s fantastic. It really is. Even if you wash your make up off in the bath, it doesn’t leave a horrible film on top of the water. As well as being the quickest and more efficient way to clean your face, it targets and prevents spots. I have gone through this shockingly fast, but at under £5 for a bottle, I can see myself actually buying this and continuing to use it.

Lush’s Mint Julips Lip Scrub, £5.50.
My lips are horribly dry the best of times and I have little white lumps and blackheads on my lip line, so I use Lush’s Lip Scrub to really exfoliate the area and smooth it. As well as being amazing, you can also eat the product as it’s made of sugar! Most people already will know that, as I think just about everyone owns a lip scrub now.

Lush’s Eau Roma Toner Water, £7.50.
There’s no point in getting sugar all over my face after toning, so toning afterwards allows me to remove anything left behind on my face including sugar. Eau Roma Water is lavender and rose water which means it calms down any redness as well as helping to rebalance the skin. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, but I just love the smell and how soft it makes my skin.

Evening Skincare

Beautiful PM Facial Revitaliser.*
I’ve just recently done a full review/giveaway on this product, but it’s absolutely fantastic. I never thought that with my oily skin I would need oils, but they’ve helped so much to put everything good back into my skin. I wake up in the morning with a flawless complexion. See my Trusted Health Products Review for full details.

Celebrity Skin Pro Age Eye Cream, £24.00.*
Being 19, I’ve never thought much of a eye cream. Despite underneath my eyes being quite dark, I haven’t really tried to correct it, other than with concealer. But now after using Celebrity Skin Eye Cream, I’ve noticed my ‘bags’ are a little lighter and not as noticeable at all. It’s a paraben free, organic cream, which definitely appeals to my ingredient-phobic self. My Mum has become obsessed with this product, she suffers from sore, puffy eyes quite a lot and as soon as she uses this, you can drastically see a different within a couple minutes. Your eyes instantly feel cooler and soothed. She can’t rave about it enough, it’s the perfect eye cream. I find that one pump of this product is too much, which means it really is lasting well. Again I can see it as a product that I will definitely have to rebuy, my skin would feel lost without it.

Lush’s Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser, £39.95.
Packed with organic, cold pressed, beautiful enriched ingredients, Gorgeous is the facial moisturiser that everyone needs to try. Suitable for most skin types it has completely rebalanced my skin, as well as helped to heal a couple scars or at least, reduce the appearance of them. I definitely recommend asking for a sample before buying, as it didn’t sit with my skin for over a year before I finally bought it.

Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm, £8.95.*
A pretty impressive British Made Balm which contains all natural ingredients and can be used as pretty much anything. A little goes a long way with this odourless, revolutionary product. I’ve already used it on my eyebrows to tame and make them appear thicker, but at night time I use it as a lip balm. You can also use it on any dry patches of skin. It’s unbelievably useful and pretty handy to keep in your bag.

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep overnight serum, £3.49.
After seeing a review of this everywhere, I couldn’t resist from buying it. It’s basically just a clear liquid that you rub on your teeth at night time and leave on. It whitens your teeth overtime, as well as restoring and strengthening them. I haven’t noticed much of a difference yet, but I’ve only been wearing it around two weeks. But it shockingly tastes lovely, which definitely makes me want to continue using it.

Have you used any of these before?