Eve Mattress – The BEST Mattress I’ve Ever Had!

The main reason I wanted to redecorate my room and create my brother’s into an office is because of my chronic back pain. I only touch on it on my blog and moan about it constantly on social media, but as it’s such a huge part of my life now, moving things around and creating relaxing spaces was crucial. The idea was to move my working desk away from my bed, beforehand it was literally 5cm away and it didn’t exactly put me in the working mode, especially when my body is crying out to lay down. However, laying down is only beneficial if you have a decent mattress and after trying out the Eve Mattress, I am seriously over the moon.

I really wanted to wait until my room was completely finished, but it seems that with life and everyone being so busy that finishing touches are going to be quite a while off! We still managed to create a feature wall, but with my office wall being so bright, I do regret not going a little bolder in my bedroom. Your Walls actually offer personalised high-quality wallpaper and when we redecorate another room, it’s definitely the company I’ll be looking at. Creating a separate space to work and one to do nothing but relax and sleep in has made a huge change to my everyday life. Working from home can get incredibly difficult when you’re working in the same room as you’re meant to relax in. Now I can work whatever hours I want and then when I leave my office, the work is done. It’s so hard when you work for yourself and have clients to realise that you’re not on call, you can have a working day that ends, but equally if you have ‘deadlines’ and want to stay late and do the overtime, you can do that as well. You just never have to work from your bed. It’s part of the whole ‘mindfulness’ that I keep getting in to and then as everything keeps getting put on hold through lack of communication in the NHS, I get a little fed up with it. Although, the work and relax in separate spaces is definitely working.


Eve Mattress Eve Mattress Eve Mattress

The Eve Mattress really caught my attention online, their marketing is amazing and the benefits of the mattress was exactly what I was looking for. They offer a 100 night trial because as their website says ‘we’re no prudes but we think 10 minutes is barely enough time to get to know someone, let alone sleep with them. Deep and meaningful relationships take time.’ Which obviously made me laugh as I imagine it did for you too.

I did a lot of research into this bed as before Eve kindly offered to send me one, I was actually going to buy it as I was seriously impressed. It’s made from several layers. The cover being a two way stretch fabric, which is incredibly soft. Followed by 4cm of memory foam, which is said to relieve pressure on joints and 3cm of cooling foam so there’s no overheating. The mattress is super thick and so the last part is 18cm of base foam to support the layers above. It’s one of those mattresses where you can actually sit with more than one person without falling into the other and sinking in. As you can see from the photos, it’s HUGE!

Our new bed, in our new room!!!!

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At first I’ll admit I had the ‘new bed’ problems where it’s not comfortable and it caused me intense pain, we knew that it’d soon pass but I couldn’t wait and without sleep I turn into an absolute nightmare. Instead we picked up a mattress topper at 5cm to just cushion the blow for me before we padded the new bed in and it really helped. After a couple weeks, which is what is advised when sleeping in a new bed (hence loving the 100 day trial), we love it. It’s honestly the best bed I’ve ever had and it’s insanely comfortable. Eve Mattress actually has a 10 year guarantee which is another perk that swayed me. I’ve really never heard of a company giving such an amazing guarantee but I can definitely see how the mattress will last.

Hopefully once my room is completely properly I can share more photos with you all but for now you’ll have to just enjoy my huge, comfortable mattress and overpriced bedding from QVC!


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