Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress (Romance) From Sophisticated Curves!

After stumbling across Sophisticated Curves on Twitter, I took to stalking their website to find that dream dress that I just couldn’t say no to. Instead, something even better came along as they have a Spring Giveaway and I just happened to be fortunate enough to win this beautiful Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress! I’ve only ever won twice with giveaways since blogging and I enter an awful lot so this was a big surprise and one that I was incredibly happy with. Sophisticated Curves is a ‘virtual’ shopping centre for plus sizes that cater for sizes 12 to 32 from a range of retailers, simply browse their website and when you see a dress you like, a simple click will take you straight to where you can buy it from. They have the most beautiful dresses from all over the internet and are always showcasing them across their social media feeds, adding to the temptation.
Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress (Romance), Sophisticated Curves, georgina grogan
This is my ‘ohh swishy’ face.
With this dress there’s a dozen different ways in which you can wear it as it has 10ft panels attached to the skirt. It sounds a little terrifying and looks very strange when you first see it. As you can imagine this does make the dress awfully heavy but perfect for a windy day or colder evening event. The material is a soft, jersey knit fabric and is extremely stretchy, I got the size 1x – 3x as I’m a 20/22 but it would definitely fit someone a little bigger or smaller as the elastic band caters to the size of your waist. I also received 3 sheets of Jamberry nails to complete any look I would like to create with the dress! At $89 or £52, it’s definitely a high quality dress. You can wear this with any bra, as long as you change the way you wrap it to suit what you need covering. I decided to go for the ‘Stella’ with a cap sleeved and flattering waist band.


Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress (Romance), Sophisticated Curves, Georgina Grogan
The colours are not something that I would usually go for, as against my porcelain skin they’re not the most flattering. It does however come in a pink and dark blue skirt which I would absolutely love. I stand at only 5’3 and I would definitely need heels so that the skirt didn’t touch the floor, making it the perfect maxi length. With this style I ended up having a small section of my back out which I quite liked for a change. Despite wrapping the dress yourself, it’s surprisingly supporting and there’s definitely no need to worry about it unravelling itself. It takes a little practise, and if you have someone around who can help that would make it even easier! There’s also a page of all the styles you can create with really helpful video tutorials, including how to just wear the dress as a skirt!
It’s made me love Sophisticated Curves even more and I definitely want to try out more dresses from their site. Be Sure to look out for any further Giveaways on their website and facebook page. What do you think to wrapping your own dress?