Essence Of Arcadia Pebble Aromatherapy Diffuser And Essential Oils Set

Is it weird to say that I didn’t realise how much my life was missing a diffuser and what a difference it has made? I’ve always seen the fancy wood ones in shops and loved the colour changing panels and how you can see a smoke come out, but I never thought they’d be so enjoyable. Recently Essence Of Arcadia contacted me to try out one out and I went for the Pebble Aromatherapy Diffuser And Essential Oils Set at £49.99 (down from £65!) It’s just absolutely amazing, I have a really hard time winding down and relaxing as I feel as if I always should be working, so having something to switch on to help me chill out has really worked wonders. The wooden style diffuser comes with three essential oils, a booklet on different recipes and a case for easy transportation.

The diffuser can actually run for a whopping 8 hours and has lots of different settings so it can be set to disperse vapour constantly or intermittently. I love having the Lavender on at night time as the lighting really adds a relaxing atmosphere to the room. During the day when I might be feeling a little tired or unwell, I love putting Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil in the diffuser for a real awakening scent. Obviously you can buy and use more oils with it, these are just the 3 that it comes with and they are indeed 100% pure. I’ve tried different oils in it already but you do have to make sure that they’re fit for use with a diffuser, otherwise it can end up a little messy.

I’m really impressed with how sleek looking the diffuser is, how easy it is to use and the overall quality. We’ve had it on pretty much every single day since it arrived and I can’t wait to buy even more essential oils to play with it.



Essence Of Arcadia sell two different styles of diffusers and tonnes of essential oils, making them your one stop to a more relaxing house.

Essence Of Arcadia Essence Of Arcadia



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  • This is one of the prettier diffusers I’ve seen. Mine works really well and I like that it can change colors but it almost looks cheap haha.

  • This is really awesome! I always use Essential oils to have my room smelling nicely 🙂

    Victoria ♥