Pre-mixed Vs Homemade Espresso Martinis with 31 Dover

31 Dover have such an amazing range of alcohol, but I really wasn’t expecting that they’d have two of my favourite cocktails in pre-mixed bottles. They really do have it all! So that left us to test out whether pre-mixed or homemade Espresso Martinis were best. 31 Dover sent over a bottle of pre-mixed Espresso Martini from Tails Cocktails, this bottle just needs shaking with ice and it’s ready to drink! At £18.95 for 8 cocktails, it’s seriously cost effective too! We added the mix into a cocktail shaker and poured it out, and then we poured another glass without shaking it, and there was a clear difference in appearance and taste. You definitely need to follow the instructions and prepare this properly to get the most out of it. We unfortunately don’t have coffee beans in this house as we’re prefer grounded so I couldn’t finish them off to perfection.

Espresso Martinis, 31 Dover Espresso Martinis, 31 Dover

For the homemade version we used Our/London Small Batch Vodka at £18.75 (currently £5 off), and Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur at £29.95. We forgot to actually add espresso (again it’s not something that we really have) and extra sugar syrup which would have helped, but actually, the homemade version did taste the nicest. We think that it’s because the vodka is so nice! We haven’t drank enough of this yet, but there’s actually a pretty awesome owl design on the bottle that reveals itself with the more you drink. How fancy!

Overall though? The professionals win! As soon as we went out after trying to make our own, I ordered an Espresso Martini and it was just truly the best. But I will be trying again, I make a better WooWoo than most bars, so I know I can eventually perfect this too.

Espresso Martinis, 31 Dover
31 Dover also sent over another one of my favourites, the Tails Pre-Mixed Pornstar Martini Cocktail and as nice as it was, it wasn’t quite as thick as the ones in cocktail bars. Again, I’m going to master it!

What’s your favourite cocktail?

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