Epic Blend Lip Balms, 100% Natural and Definitely Something YOU Need to Try!

Lip Balms are a daily necessity for most people, whether it be part of your morning routine, before lipstick, or just a quick application on the bus, they often find their way into our lives. I’ve often been at fault of just using any old lip balm and not really caring about what’s in it, that was until I found out what the ingredients actually were. Now I won’t name and shame, instead I’ll just focus on an amazing brand who have really took some time and care to cater for everyone. Epic Blend Lip Balms are gluten, paraben and completely synthetic preservative free, which is incredibly impressive and they’re also cruelty free too! For this reason they do only last 1 year after opening them, but products like this are definitely best used fresh. All the ingredients are Vegan friendly except Beeswax but even then they have two completely Vegan Lip balms, Wild Berry and Pineapple-Mint. Instead the Vegan balms use Candelilla Wax for their creamy texture.
Epic Blend also have four lip balms that contain organic Hemp Seed Oil that is really moisturising, quickly absorbing and anti-oxidant. They also contain Coconut oil, sunflower oil, beeswax and non-GMO Vitamin E. The Hemp balms include Vanilla, Mint, Coconut and Citrus Kick. Coconut definitely has to be my favourite one as it smells amazing and reminds me of Malibu. Epic Blend’s More Moisture balm include another favourite of Cherry as well as Grape, Green Apple and for people who don’t like flavours there’s even an unflavoured one. These lip balms are probably the most moisturising balms I have ever tried and they’re definitely an absolute bargain at only $3.49 per lip balm, working out at just over £2 each. You can also get them a little cheaper if you were to buy 4 at a time, I do love a good deal. They’d also make a cute little gift.


As a company I was really impressed with the information and knowledge that Epic Blend openly share and are proud of. They have really created a brand that is all natural and safe for everyone to use. Epic Blend are definitely the nicest, cheapest yet the most luxurious lip balms I have ever used and I definitely recommend them to everyone. The lovely people at Epic Blend even sent me a couple extras for any giveaways or friends I wanted to pass them on to. So keep a look out for any little Twitter Giveaways!
You can find Epic Blend on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.