EnvyDerm Review

When EnvyDerm first contacted me about trying their products I was absolutely ecstatic, I LOVE makeup so of course I was dying to get my hands on some of EnvyDerm’s to try out. I loved that on their website it had an interactive ingredients section, often in makeup it’s rare to find natural ingredients being used so their products seemed even more intriguing. When they arrived they were in a small black travel bag, which would make a lovely new portable makeup bag. I received two lip plumping lip glosses in the shades Lola and Rose Bleu along with a growth and conditioning mascara.

(Rose Bleu and Lola)

EnvyDerm have the only lip plumping lip gloss that I’ve ever heard that actually works. You can noticeably feel and see that your lips are more plump. It does feel like a very strong and weird sensation, almost like putting toothpaste on a spot. But that only lasts for a couple moments. It also helps any lines in the lips to fade and for them to look overall more moisturised. I wear Rose Bleu over Lush’s confidence and I absolutely love it.


Time and time again I’ve tried different mascaras and always gone back to Max Factor as it’s a mascara that you can start, build and finish your eyelashes using. Well to my complete disbelief of a mascara actually matching up to Max Factor, this little beauty arrived! It’s lengthens and conditions lashes and overall makes them look fantastic. I was really impressed with it, I didn’t have to do any of my usual tricks to keep my lashes up either, they just stayed in place all day and stayed curled. It has lovely thin bristles which means every lash is coated and lengthened evenly as well as making it easy to build. Unlike some mascaras, it’s also pretty easy to get off and doesn’t pull any eyelashes out with it, which obviously is what you want from a mascara.


How amazing is that? The mascara is $29 which works out at just under £19 and worth every single penny. It’s definitely my new favourite mascara, I mean the last photo is TWO coats!
Envyderm also have a nighttime serum for your eyelashes which I’m very interested by as I can imagine it to be fantastic and an eyeliner! Again with the natural ingredients of these products it makes me even more keen. EnvyDerm are an absolutely fantastic brand that I 110% recommend as I’ve been wearing it everyday since they arrived.

Have you guys tried EnvyDerm before?