The Elvi Star Print Mesh Skirt

Elvi Star Print, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

New camera lens, a pretty country lane, and a magical looking skirt? A winning combination if I do say so myself! These are probably my favourite photos that we’ve ever taken for the blog to be honest so let me break it all down, including my eyeshadow because it’s seriously on point.

When I first spotted Elvi‘s new collection during my ‘check every plus website once a day for new things’ routine, I instantly loved it. Then I saw a velvet maxi dress on Michaela at The Curve Fashion Festival and I got even more excited. As soon as I laid my hands on these new pieces it was obviously that the quality was unreal. The sizing is great, and the pieces themselves are so striking. I chose three completely different items and today I want to show you all this beautiful Star Print Mesh Skirt at £49.

I don’t say this a lot, but this skirt is well worth the price. Usually with mesh skirts the underlayer is WAY too short, it rides up, it’s a completely different size to the rest of the skirt, there are tonnes of problems with them and they don’t feel that comfortable. This one is on a completely different level to any kind of overlay dress or skirt I’ve ever had before. It’s a really great length on my 5’3 frame, this is going to look awesome on someone much taller. The underlayer is a not a tight, skin hugging fabric, it doesn’t ride up, it just lays there. The gold band is also super comfortable and it’s a great width to suit most shapes, it’s not thin enough to disappear or wide enough to fold over with fat. I’m wearing a size 22 and it’s absolutely perfect.

Elvi Star Print, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

Elvi Star Print, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedElvi Star Print, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
The actual design of this skirt is so beautiful, the gold detailing with the dark navy blue underlayer, mesh, and the ver darker blue stars. It all works so well. This is something that you can really dress up with heels, a glam sparkly top maybe, or wear more casual with a baggy tshirt, or in the middle, like me. I teamed it with my trusted Boohoo harness body, but I definitely think this would have look even better with a more striking harness bra. You have to be careful with this skirt, it’s hand wash only, no messing around with hot irons, tumble dryers, or dry cleaners. Take care of it and love it forever.

My shoes are very simple and extremely wide fitting from Evans, their shoe game is on point from a couple years ago and now I find myself living in different pairs of flats. They’ve got added padding and I get to finally wear a size 6 again, rather than sizing up to a 7 just because my feet are seriously wide.

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to point out my super smokey and dare I say, sultry eyes? This is the Violet Voss palette that I’m testing out from and it is amazing. This is definitely the best I’ve ever got it to look and it’s such a beautiful palette for getting seriously intense looks. I think it really adds to this entire look, which is why I’m pointing it out so much!


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