Elvi Grey Lace Mac – One of the Most BEAUTIFUL Coats!

Love at first sight is the only way I can describe my connection with this coat. Well, that’s an understatement because I am going to go on and on about how flipping beautiful this coat really is. Elvi is one of the very few plus size fashion brands that I’ve not tried yet and I’m so excited to finally tick them off my list. Whilst looking through the website to pick something to review I actually gasped when I saw this beautiful Grey Lace Mac. I was so distracted that I didn’t scroll far enough down to see that it also game in a darker grey but I’m glad I didn’t as this one screams ‘Spring/Summer’ and it’s absolute perfection.

I’ve had the title of ‘Queen of Lace’ for a while now and often black lace can be lost on my rail for months because there’s too many items and it becomes confusing. I have an actual obession with lace. I find it sexy, sophisticated and utterly beautiful to wear.  This Grey Lace Mac is very true to size, I’m wearing a 20 and it’s an amazing fit. At £129 I wouldn’t even blink at paying the price if I got to try it on first. It’s one of those coats that’s an investment, you’ll be able to wear it whenever, where ever and you’ll always look incredible. It is delicate, it’s lace after all so you do have to be careful to keep it in good condition. I won’t hang it on the back of chairs if it drapes onto the floor, over-protection coat lover right here.

Elvi plus size clothingElvi plus size clothing Elvi plus size clothingElvi plus size clothing Elvi plus size clothing

On my first outing with the coat I thought it’d be fun to add the Metallic Pleated Skirt at £55 which is also from Elvi. I also got this in a 20 and the sizing is spot on. I thought this would be super fun for my holiday but I did worry about it washing me out with being so pale. Thankfully, it doesn’t and so I added a VERY old Newlook Crop Top, Harness Bra and a LYDC Bag to finish off the look.

The quality of Elvi’s clothing really impressed me and I definitely won’t hesitate to try more. Have you seen their latest range?



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