Elf Cosmetics Haul

I always see people talking about Elf Cosmetics and I thought that it was finally time to try it for myself. As a big fan of affordable cosmetics, I do love a sale as that way I can try out lots of different products for a reasonable price. It took me absolutely hours to decide but I finally narrowed it down to these *few* products.
Elf Cosmetics Haul
I picked up a couple brushes, as I completely adore my MUA ones so I thought it was only fair to give them a try. I got the completion brush (£3.95), stripping brush (£3.95) and eyeshadow contour brush (£3.95). None of them have really impressed me, and I’d definitely say you get what you’re paying for with these.
Starting with the negatives means they’re out of the way to make room for all the other amazing products. One purchase I often struggle with is foundation. I’m not saying I’ve found a perfect match, far from it with my pasty skin. However, I’ve found a lovely medium coverage, dewy foundation with a yellow undertone. I’m really impressed with how the Flawless Finish Foundation (£7.50) glides onto the skin and blends easily. I’m more so impressed with the same foundation in Almond as I’ve been using it constantly to contour. Absolute perfection, thick, creamy and only a tiny amount needed!
The Clarifying Pressed Powders are pretty standard for this price range, which some of you will know how much I adore my £1.99 collection 2000 powder. It sets the skin nicely and provides a little coverage. Nothing special, but just what an everyday look needs, at £1.95, who can complain!?
Something that I’m pleasantly surprised with is the 100 colour eyeshadow palette, I was just as surprised as you are. I’ve created so many looks with it already, the colours are very pigmented and stay on all day. They blend well and can easily be mixed. I can no longer find it on the site but it was around £15. It’s brilliant for experimenting and trying out on friends/family, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a professional MUA.

Elf Cosmetics 100 palette eyeshadow swatches review


I got a Cover Everything concealer a couple shades darker as I’m planning on showing a few people some different looks on themselves soon, it’s a medium coverage at £2.95.
Next up I tried the eyebrow Treat & Tame in Light which I’m really happy with. It’s perfect if you’re looking for subtle, defined brows (as long as they’re groomed, see my How to: Natural Brows) at £3.95. I also grabbed the Eyebrow Collection kit, the stencils are absolute rubbish and look terrible, the tweezers are hopeless, but the powder inside the set and clear mascara are great. Not worth the £6.95 price tag for 2/4 good items though.

The brow palette is also brilliant for people who want a nice natural brow. The wax isn’t very pigmented or sticky, but the powder is a perfect colour. I used it when I’m doing gradient brows but here I’ve shown what it’d be like used all over a brow, with the brow mascara at the front.

elf cosmetics on the eye review

I’ve also used the Cream Eyeliner (£3.95) however, it isn’t anything to rave about, a medium quality that gives a pretty black line and dries nicely. Finally a lip lock pencil, other than moisturising the lips I haven’t noticed anything special with this one. Nice idea behind it, but it’s not something I’d buy again. I also got a couple of free items with my purchase, seen as I shared the delivery with a friend I let her take most of it but kept this absolutely gorgeous Studio Cream Blush worth £6.50, it looks like a powder and is the PERFECT colour for spring. Even on my oily skin I love the finish.

As you can see it’s a very mixed review from Elf Cosmetics, the good things do out weigh the bad for me, as I’d definitely try more from there, but there are a few things I’d stay away from. So, what do you think of Elf?