Ebay Steals/Payday Purchases

This payday I seem to have gone a little Ebay crazy in search of a vintage dress, unfortunately I didn’t find one. But I go a lot of other things! Normally I’m never around for when listings end or forget about them, so this time I stalked my phone.

First off a little Ebay/Amazon mix. A couple weeks ago I noticed I was running low on eyelashes and I didn’t want to buy them at £5-7 a pair just for different makeup looks I was doing in the house, so I thought I’d try some cheaper ones out. I’m really surprised with them because they’re all of a lovely quality. I bought the end ones from Amazon, which didn’t look like the photo although with Halloween approaching and my different looks they’re been really good so far. I got two packets for £1.99. After I ventured off to Ebay to find some more, these two are absolutely lovely, I especially love the first pair and they’re subtle enough to get away with in the day time. Both were £1.99 each, an absolute steal. They even come with glue, which the glue from Amazon looks far better as it’s in a green tube, the one from Ebay looks a little less promising.


(my own photos)

One of my regular customers is a Hairdresser and we often get talking about different hair products on the market, this time a tangle teezer was highly suggested. I thought I might get a little bargain on this as well but apparently it’s far better to buy the actual ones rather than cheaper versions. I could have got it in an array of colours but as soon as I saw leopard print, that was it. £10.65 and it’s still on the way, I already love it. I also decided that I’m fed up of black belts, I have so many and they’re starting to show their wear, so I invested in one that I’ve seen around always styled with vintage dresses, it’s a lot thicker than the ones I normally wear which makes me feel even more secure but most importantly, it’s red and gorgeous. It has such an expensive feel to it as it isn’t cheap elastic. At only £8.99 I can definitely see me buying one in black as well! It’s a necessity.
One purchase I’m not over the moon with is a polka dot blazer from Newlook, bought on Ebay at £8.50 it appeared to be black and white, to my disappointment it’s navy and far too big for me? It’s only a 20! This means not only can I not wear it for work, I just can’t wear it at all, so I will be looking to sell this ASAP, it’s practically brand new and Newlook’s quality of blazers/jackets are fantastic. (If you’re interested let me know!)
An Asos red dress really captured my eye as I saw it on the website not long back on the model and it looks fantastic. I got it for £1.20!! Plus a fiver for delivery but I understand that, it’s a nightmare when you charge them £3 and your local post office says it’ll be more. I absolutely love the dress already, it came this morning and I had to get it on straight away, unfortunately the material means I can’t wear my new petticoat underneath, but I still love it.
That brings us onto the petticoat, an absolute steal at £10 including delivery! It’s such a lovely quality but the sizing is terrible, this one is a Large which to them means anything from a 12-18. I can fit in 16-18 skirts so I thought this would be perfect. I had to DRAG one boob into it at a time. I’ve decided I’m going to remake the top half into a more comfortable material, possibly with lace strings.
Finally a red skirt with a bow on the waist, I love red skirts and my old one is rather, well OLD. So I thought it was time for a new one, at only 99P I couldn’t say no! This is yet to come but I’m excited already.

ebay clothes
(All the photos have been taken from the Ebay pictures themselves as I haven’t had time to snap my own yet)

Last but certainly not least, one of my favourite brushes that I’ve had for around 3-4 years, has sadly come to the end of its days. Fortunately, Body Shop was having a 40% off plus a free gift promotion on. This meant that not only could I get the exact same brush for less, I could get the even BIGGER one for less. I forgot how soft it was in its day! The bigger brush is fantastic for powder and I’m just about to use it.

bodyshop brush

Well I’ve splashed out a little this payday, I didn’t even mention my MAC studio fix or MAC diva, which I love by the way. Have you guys bought anything nice lately?