Dynasty London – Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress

With so much hate towards the Plus Size World lately, it only makes me want to write about beautiful dresses and clothes even more. Mainly so these hateful people can see the amazing choices that we, as fat women, actually have and do wear. There’s going to be a lot more fashion on my blog this year (as if you haven’t guessed that by now!), as simply, I like to share outfits that make me look and feel good in hope that you might them, or something similar to look and feel this way too!
Today, I am sharing Dynasty London‘s plus size range, also known as Dynasty Curve, which is absolutely the go to place for stunning, high end evening dresses that are amazing quality. I recently received the absolutely stunning Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress at £419.99 and as you can clearly see, it’s quite beautiful. I immediately felt a little like a Disney Villain as it’s rather long on my 5’3 frame and gives me that kind of evil flare at the bottom.
Dynasty London - Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress, georgina grogan, plus size blogger, shemightbeloved
The dress itself is incredibly high quality, as you can imagine with the £400 price tag. For this reason, it’s also really heavy, well, ridiculously heavy which actually does mean that the arms on this dress do fall down, mainly due to the weight of the embellishments and skirt.  I say ‘mainly’ as there is a slight sizing problem with this dress. After going from a small 22 to a solid 20, I found that the 22 in this dress actually fell off me, completely.
Not wanting to risk it and go too small, I ended up opting for a 20 and as you can see by my waist which isn’t half as defined as usual. It’s still a little big but an 18 would have probably been a tight squeeze if I’m honest, as there isn’t tonnes of room left. More than enough for it to definitely need altering before I could wear it out to an event though. If you’re bigger on top and don’t draw in at your waist too much, I reckon you’d be fine sticking to your usual size, but if you have an hourglass like me, it might be worth the squeeze or alteration to size down!
Dynasty London - Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress, georgina grogan, plus size blogger, shemightbeloved
Dynasty London - Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress, georgina grogan, plus size blogger, shemightbeloved
Dynasty London will definitely ensure that you have everyone’s attention in their beautiful dresses and I’m really excited to wear this one out! It does actually come with a scarf to wrap over your arms but I find that with the padded shoulders and embellishments, that it doesn’t look the most appealing, and I would prefer to just get my arms out instead! As previously mentioned, I am drowning in material slightly so if you’re around 5’3, we would definitely need heels to make sure we’re not constantly tripping over ourselves!
What do you think to this dress for Dynasty?
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  • Princess dress! xx

  • You look sooo beautiful! And you are an amazing role model! Much Love! ♥ xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstickl

  • This dress is gorgeous =]


  • This dress is so stunning, I love it. Not sure where I would ever wear something like this though but I’d definitely like one 😛

  • This is beautiful! I love the contrast between the sequinned bodice and the long, flowing skirt. You look gorgeous as always <3 xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • Rosy Flynn

    This dress is amazing it looks beautiful on you its so classic but the colour makes it modern too I have serious dress envy right now.

    Rosy | sparklesoflight76.blogspot.co.uk

  • You look amazing!!! I am so jealous of that dress!

  • Apart from the huuuge length (hehe you cute little munchkin!), this is perfect! <3 You look absolutely amazing, and I love the detailing at the top. You seem to have made a good call not wearing the scarf; doesn't need it! 🙂

    Jemma xx

  • Jenna

    That dress is amazing!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!
    ~Jenna <3
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  • You look so pretty!!!!!!!

  • Kayleigh

    This is gorgeous on you 🙂 I adore the dress. A perfect Halloween wedding dress too! So it gets my vote! lol x