Dry Shampoos, Should You Save or Splurge? #FestivalSOSBox

The final instalment in my Save or Splurge #Festivalsosbox posts with Voucher Codes is on Dry Shampoos! They’re a product that just about everyone has tried or even relies on every single week. For anyone who has never used a dry shampoo, it basically contains oil absorbing ingredients that help to refresh and revive the hair, allowing it to avoid being washed for another day or so. Other than Lush’s No Drought, I immediately think of Batiste when talking about Dry Shampoo so getting to see just how many are out there was a real eye opener. Not only are Dry Shampoos just for giving you that second day hair by taking away excess oils, they can now add volume and texture. With hundreds on the market, it’s hard to know if you should spend a lot on them, or just grab whatever is on offer. I have pretty much tried my fair share of cheap and unpleasant dry shampoos now on every colour hair. They often have a tendency to leave the hair looking discoloured, dull or too wet. On red hair, finding a perfect dry shampoo is near impossible, even finding a decent one can be stressful. For that reason, I have got my friend, Ryan, to try these out as well, just so we could develop a fair review of them.

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Tresemme are a brand that I have always trusted with haircare as they have rarely gone wrong or disappointed me at all. Whether it be for a deep cleansing shampoo, or one to add volume, Tresemme definitely know haircare. This dry shampoo really surprised me as I really wasn’t expecting to like it due to it being a spray and I’m so used to powders. However, Tresemme’s dry shampoo comes out quickly and evenly dispenses around the area that you spray, it feels wet at first, but after a minute it can easily be brushed out, or worked out with your hands. If I add too much it definitely does start to make the colour look dull, but on darker hair, or natural hair it’s perfectly fine and just adds to the texture and volume. At under £5 I would definitely recommend this dry shampoo to anyone and it was by far my favourite!
I keep seeing more and more about Fudge lately so I’ve been really excited to try them out for myself. After finally getting my hands on the dry shampoo I cannot say I was blown away.
You’re instructed to wait at least two minutes before working this into the hair, which means it has to be a calculated quick fix. Not ideal when time is sparse at all. It also has a peculiar smell about it and an extra drying powdery texture which definitely makes any hair look duller almost immediately,  especially coloured hair. For a dry shampoo at just under £10, I was expecting a lot more and therefore this is definitely my least favourite.
With it being Macadamia Oil I was of course expecting it to be a little more moisturising and kinder to the hair than the rest, however this is not implied or suggested anywhere. For that reason when I applied it and it was ridiculously wet, as if I just squirted water onto my hair, I thought that was normal. However after waiting for quite a while it had still not dried and actually ruined the style of my hair. Ryan did find that with his shorter hair he got on with it a little more, but it did take a while. For that reason, I really didn’t enjoy this one and depending on what brand you go for, you really do not have to spend a lot.

Overall I loved having the opportunity to try out different types of Dry Shampoos but I’ll definitely be sticking to the cheaper brands or powdered versions!
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  • Ana

    I love this one Tigi Dirty Secret (Dry shampoo) is the best for my red hair 🙂