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When I saw someone tweeting about any bloggers doing a DIY project, I was about to burst into tears of the frustration of decorating and the absolute chaos it causes throughout the house. Whether you’re decorating one small room or being ambitious like us and attempting two rooms at the same time, decorating is hard work! I cannot recommend enough reading up on some DIY Advice Articles first, it’s so much easier to be prepared.  As my back doesn’t seem to be getting any stronger or less painful despite hundreds of pounds of treatments, specialists are now telling me I need to chill the hell out and separate work from relaxing. I always call myself the queen of pampering but it’s more that I’ll stick a hair/facemask on whilst working. So, after much persuading and bribery, my little brother (well not little, he’s 18) finally said I could turn his room into an office as he splits the week between here and his girlfriends. All I had to do is make sure it can still be used as a bedroom during the evening and nights and an office during the day.

Pinterest took over and soon I was looking through hundreds of photos of home offices and seeing what would work in a small space. The room isn’t necessarily small but the deal is basically half and half, so I had to be thoughtful. I wouldn’t say I’ve been so much on a budget but rather just trying not to go overly over the top, so I decided it’d be best to design my office myself from IKEA. IKEA don’t really help you at all with the planning, it’s just like ‘here are some desks, these are the sizes, you can put them together if you figure out how.’ I spent DAYS measuring and remeasuring all the ideas I had for the office. It needed to have enough storage space for all my press samples, camera equipment and obviously Alfie too. After Dad’s reluctant approval to purchase a corner desk, a long table top and two BIG drawers to go on top to make it look more fitted, the room was ordered. My brother should really consider himself lucky, with a broken bed and half filled in dints in the wall he was due a little refresh anyway and now he’s gone from this….

DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation!

to this……

DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation!

Upon arrival it was obvious that this wasn’t going to be an easy task and it wasn’t. The table tops needed cutting down in places, legs needed moving, the units were simply too big to have both and we flipped the design completely halfway through. However, Dad and Alfie managed it and we’re all moved in, setup and working away right now! We absolutely love it, it’s the dream office and all it took was a little imagination, a lot of Pinterest, quite a bit of money and a DIY know-it-all for a Dad!

I’ve never liked the look of feature walls before but I am so pleased with this pop of colour, it really just brightens up your mood and makes it a fun place to work. The sofa bed is a little smaller than I would have wanted, and certainly smaller than Daniel imagined, but we can sort that in a couple months time. We just need to jazz the place up with some photos, fun things and fluffy pillows now so you’ll see an update for that when I do a post on my room, as that still needs a little more TLC first. I cannot recommend enough how resourceful the internet is and you should definitely check out these DIY Advice articles (linked above) before attempting anything this Bank Holiday! Here’s a closer look at our project…..

DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation! DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation!

DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation!DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation!DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation! DIY Projects - Home Office Transformation!

We both have our separate working areas and there’s the shelves in the middle for review products, camera equipment, cables, giveaway things and Alfie’s favourite beer bottles. Alfie’s area is a little more decorated than mine but it won’t be long before I catch up!


Updated office 😍

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*This post is partially an advertorial, I was decorating anyway* 
  • Love the post and last photo CC: @alfiebsmith –
    (Love you GG)

  • Sarah Dickinson

    Love it!!! =) I love that pop of colour on the wall it definitely brightens up the whole space brilliantly!!! xoxo

  • Love the colour!

  • I definitely think the pop of colour brings together the whole room, and makes the white seem even brighter! It’s definitely amazing what you can do to a room with a lick of paint, some IKEA furniture and a family member who knows their way around a tool kit.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  • It looks amazing! I love the pop of colour, it definitely brings the room together! I have some serious office envy right now! -xo

  • Looking good! The splash of colour with the ‘blogger white’ look great. I want all of your shelf products xx

  • Wow, what a transformation! Love the blue, pop of colour – livens up the room!

    Parie x

  • OMGGGGG I love this!