Celebrating the Release of Disney’s Moana on DVD & Blu-ray with Island Poké

After taking a very long break from events, seeing the word ‘Disney’ in my inbox was enough to make me want to travel again! ORGANIC invited my mum and I to a cooking event to celebrate the release of Disney’s Moana on DVD & Bluray. I had already seen and completely fallen in love with everything about Moana, but my mum is a little behind on the latest Disney films so I couldn’t resist buying it on Amazon for her to watch before the event. It’s safe to say she’s now a huge fan too, and after some recent dizzy spells, my mum hilariously announced that she relates to HeiHei, the chicken, a lot. You really have to know the film to get that reference, and then picture my mum making the chicken ‘head movement’ in an uber on the way to the event. She’s too funny!


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We headed to Island Poké where they serve authentic Hawaiian Poké on Kingly Street, Carnaby, London. It’s not the easiest place to find if you don’t know London, as the street is pedestrianised and Uber drivers aren’t the greatest at their lefts and rights, but we managed to find it as it’s beautifully bright and it really stands out. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Poké before but mum and I are already planning on making it at home. We’re complete converts! Poké means to dice or slice, and it’s a mix of raw fish with rice and toppings of your liking. At Island Poké you can choose one of their carefully put together dishes, or mix and match your own. We all made the ‘Classic Ahi Poké Bowl’ which contains cubes of raw tuna, seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil, pineapple,ginger, spring onions, lime juice and sushi rice. It was so delicious and the cooking class was so much fun! I watch a lot of masterchef so obviously I decided to try and show off, I could have been more impressive but there were actual children there, and nobody wants to show off infront of children.

Island Poké is more of a get it and go kind of place with only a few seats. We were sat at the back with an actual swing to sit on, and the lovely PR lady from ORGANIC noticed my mum wasn’t feeling too well and went well out of her way to get her a chair to sit down. Small things like this are SO appreciated when you have chronic pain. In fact, so many people were nice to us during our trip that we couldn’t stop talking about them! It made us both a lot more comfortable, knowing my mum wasn’t going to pass out and fall on the floor, I got on with my chopping and dicing.

If you’d like to try out Poké at home, here’s the recipe in text and picture form for ease.

moana, island poke

The Classic Ahi Poké Bowl

For the Bowl
Seasoned sushi rice
90 grams sashimi grade yellowfin Tuna
3g grated ginger, half a teaspoon of Tograshi (pepper blend)
Sliced spring onion to taste
25ml light soy
25ml pure sesame oil
A dash of Mirin

Pineapple salsa
50g fresh pineapple
20g fresh pineapple juice
5g grated ginger
Juice of half a lime
Red chilli to taste
40g Wakame seaweed

Finish with crispy onion and mixed sesame seeds
Thank you so much to ORGANIC, Disney, and Island Poké for a fantastic event!

We were invited to the event but all words are my own.