Halloween Makeup: Disney’s Megara from Hercules.

I am a massive fan of Disney and I pretty much have seen every single film and their rubbish sequels and even if they’re desperate enough, the final film (all those Disney fans will know I mean Cinderella, embarrassing right?)
A friend from work is having a Disney Themed party next month and obviously now my life is revolving around this as it gives me an opportunity to play dress up. It did take me a little while to decide what I wanted to be, but then it hit me, MEGARA. She was pretty much hopeless in finding love which is similar to me, hence the name of the blog. But she’s also not one of those other princesses who are all ‘halo-on-top-of-their-heads type of girls, she’s sassy and sarcastic and therefore my favourite.
 I ordered a dress, and ponytail extension and set to a dress rehearsal pretty much the day after they arrived. Although the extensions I ordered don’t curl at all, they only cost £5 so I can’t be too surprised, but I am sending them back and exchanging for a curly set.
I was going to get a dress made but it would have cost me double the money and I couldn’t find an example anywhere that I genuinely liked so I thought I’d DIY it. I even considered wearing my prom dress but apparently my body didn’t like this decision. Personally I’m blaming the release of Popping candy chocolate, but whatever.
From Ebay I ordered a plain purple Grecian looking maxi dress, and decided that my shawl from my prom 2 years ago, would be perfect.
This is the finished look….
disneys megara outfit
The dress floats over my tummy, however it’s a very clingy material so I’m not too impressed about that but it’s probably only going to be worn once, then around the house. It was £17 so I can’t complain, too much anyway.
For my makeup I decided to try and stay quite close to what Megara actually looks like. Very long eyebrows, purple eyeshadow, eyeliner and red lips.
disneys megara
I’ve used quite a little part of products so I’ll just list them all.
MUA primer
Max Factor Long Lasting Foundation
Collection 2000 concealer
Max Factor’s blush (natural glow)
No7 eye palette (blue)
Max Factor’s eye palette (light and dark purple)
Collection 2000 pressed powder
Lush’s Confident lipstick
MAC’s Frankly Scarlett
Lush’s Independent eyeliner
Natural Collection eyeshadow (crushed walnut)
disneys megara makeup
I’m pretty happy with the results although I’m positive I’ll probably change things so I shall post after the actual party so you can all see the absolute FINAL look.
Any of you guys done any Disney styled makeup? Link me below!
Or do you have any suggestions to make it better? I’d love to know.