Disney Birthday Party

I’ve already done a post on my second Disney Megara attempt, so I won’t repeat myself too much.
I went to my friend’s (Meg/Cinderella) Disney themed 21st party recently and probably had the best night ever, I went as my favourite, Megara, and loved every second. Megara is probably my favourite character as (quoting myself) she’s ‘sassy and sarcastic’. It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to look like though, obviously this required several dress rehearsals, none of which I complained about.
My first attempt of Megara ended up with severely bad eyebrows, but I did like my hair.
 disney megara makeup
My second attempt wasn’t too bad as at this point I had the outfit but no hair extensions.
disney megara makeup
Finally, after lots of new makeup additions, a change in hair colour and 2 ponytail extensions, I LOVED my outfit.
disney megara makeup
The dress was £17 from Ebay and I’m using the shawl from my Prom dress.
disney megara makeup
I kept my makeup pretty simple, it doesn’t show up well on the picture as I was far too excited about alcohol and Disney characters to find good lighting. Purple smokey eye with a long flick and bright purple/pink lipstick from Beauty UK.
When we arrived I saw the most gorgeous dress ever but couldn’t place it to a character. I’ve always loved dresses like it and have never had the chance to try one on, UNTIL we got talking to the lady wearing the dress. Jamie, my other friend from work, told her that I had been staring at the dress all night and after talking for what seemed forever, she kindly offered to let me try it on and wear it for awhile. Well you can’t even imagine my excitement. I’ve never ran up stairs faster than I did to change. If I could I would actually adopt all of Meg’s (the birthday girl/Cinderella’s family)
 The dress turned out to be the one from Beauty and The Beast. LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!

disney megara makeup

Isn’t it gorgeous!? I absolutely loved it and didn’t want to take it off! It’s even my profile picture on facebook now, I just love looking at myself in it. Vain moment. The lady who swapped with me looked gorgeous in my Megara dress as well, it was perfect.
Disney Birthday Party
Here are some other photos from the night, I did want to run around and treat it as if I was in Disney Land just screaming for pictures with the characters. I managed it, but on a much more subtle level.
Top left Tinkerbell, Birthday Girl Cinderella.
Top right: Bo Peep and her sheep, The Queen of Hearts, a fabulous Belle and me, Megara.
Bottom left: Me, Bo Peep and her sheep.
The poor Cinderella, Wicked Witch, and me.
Finally myself as Belle, and Jamie who came as a present.
Jafar, the White Witch, Ariel, Merlin, Mary Poppins, the man from Up, the entire cast of Pirates of the Caribbean and even Minnie and Mickey mouse were there! Everyone made such an effort, it was so lovely.
Probably the best party ever. I really want to go to Disney Land ASAP. Alternatively I may just buy that Belle dress to walk around the house in, it truly is gorgeous and I could imagine being constantly happy in it.
Have you ever dressed up as a Disney character?