Disappointing Products….

It always sucks when you’ve been sent a product to review and it’s just not exciting at all or it really doesn’t live up to expectations or even the normal standards of the company or similar products. As always, I like to be blunt, overly honest and I never say positive things just to get future work, as fellow bloggers or people clued up on the industry will realised that’s sometimes how it works. So, I bring to you my first disappointing products post, and it probably won’t be the last. I thought this would be easier than trying far too hard to write 300+ words on one product, when in reality they probably need 50 to sum them up….
Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover at £20
This is meant to ‘effortlessly remove unwanted hairs’, but it’s probably the most difficult thing I have ever attempted to use and it’s not just me being silly. I’ve had Alfie and lots of other people trying it out too and we just cannot figure it out and when we do, it painfully plucks out hairs one at a time. So really, it’s no better than just plucking, but I razor my face for makeup and vanity reasons, so I just find that a lot easier and a hell of a lot cheaper.
Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover
Now the biggest disappointment to be on my review shelf this month is Bell Cosmetics. Hence why, I’m seriously late to the party on announcing their arrival to Beauty Crowd as I’ve been trying to make myself like the products enough for them not to be in this post. The truth is, the foundation was too dark for me to even test out, but seems a medium/light coverage, the concealer is far too pink, watery and therefore doesn’t conceal anything. The mascara doesn’t do much at all for anyone who has their eyelashes as a main feature, I need a structured brush and a strong formula, and the powder is seriously, overly powdery and too pink again. The primer is pretty standard too, it’s not amazing and doesn’t do anything other than make your face feel a tad moisturised.
So the products haven’t impressed me at all, but from my Lush days I’ve learnt to really hate the term Hypoallergenic. It’s such a sales gimmick and so misleading to so many people. Basically, it means that it’s claiming to not cause as many or ‘any’ reactions compared to other brands, but in fact, you can be allergic to anything so this is completely pointless and ridiculous to claim. People with sensitive skin or worried about ingredients usually buy into it, but as you can never guarantee a product won’t cause a reaction, I’m really not a fan. I do love Beauty Crowd though and they’ll have definitely bought this brand into their shop as it’ll hopefully have softer ingredients than others.
Prices range from £3.50 – £8.95.
Bell cosmetics, beauty crowd
Next up is a product that kinda works, but I really wasn’t a fan for a couple reasons. The Deluxe Raspberry Wine Sensationail Starter Kit at a whopping £69.99. So, before going to write this post I have no idea how much this actually cost as it was randomly given to me via a PR company at Style XL, and I don’t actually know what company it is…. Anyway, the nail kit does actually work and it’s pretty decent, if you follow the results, you’ll get good results, but my dig at this and why it’s so disappointing is that it’s literally just one or two applications tops, whereas it’s meant to do 10!? Now that I’ve seen the price, I’m wondering if maybe I’ve got a press version with smaller products inside but I don’t think I have.
If they are this small and I had to pay £70 to do my nails twice at home, well, why would I? That’s salon prices and I wouldn’t want to do a rubbish job and get it all over myself and table for two applications. When I eventually got it all on and worked everything properly, I didn’t partially like it as my nails felt really, really thick and almost like those bubble photos that are going around of nails, so I did actually take it off, the hard way.
Deluxe Raspberry Wine Sensationail Starter Kit
Deluxe Raspberry Wine Sensationail Starter Kit
Finally, a product I was super excited to try that ended up being the most hated product in the bathroom. We ran out of toothpaste, so I offered to share my new Pearl Drops Specialist White with the family, usually when I’m reviewing something I like to keep it to one side, just in case someone gets a little too happy with using a lot (it’s happened before too.) Unfortunately, this toothpaste actually has the worst taste ever, it’s a weird texture and feels almost like powder and it doesn’t really encourage me to want to use it at all. Although, if you can stand the taste, it did actually make my teeth look a little whiter immediately, but it’s just disappointing that Pearl Drops couldn’t just add in a little mint for a nicer taste.
Retails at £3.49.
Pearl Drops Specialist White
That’s a wrap! I didn’t want this post to completely slate the products, as I know they’ll be people out there that completely love them, but for me, it’s a straight forward no. Maybe I’ll do more posts like this, what do you all think?
This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.
  • Kaci Soderstrom

    Great post. I love the honesty. That facial hair contraption looks really odd! I dunno how that’s meant to work.. from the thumb nail on Bloglovin’ I thought it was a thigh toner. Bahaha. I cringed at reading that you razor your face though! Don’t you get crazy regrowth?! If I did that I’d be hairier than a yeti the next day.. I do have a hormonal condition though so that’s probably why.. haha. Good to know about the nail kit being a bit poo and on the small side as I was thinking about getting it. Can’t stand thick nails, that’s why I don’t think false ones look very good either. I’m all up for reading more of these honest reviews about products that didn’t live up to the hype!

  • I thought the first thing was a garden tool at first, looks so scary haha! You can see how dark the foundation is, a lot of cheaper foundation brands are so dark. I need white! I love the sensationail stuff though, I used that as a starter and now buy blue sky/CND polishes as they’re bigger and better colours too. It is cheaper to just diy your own nail kit off eBay tho than that! Nice to read a post that’s truthful about products, always reassuring to read x


  • Great post! I always feel really bad when I don’t like a product a brand has sent me to review!

    Charlotte xx – Charlotte Sophia Roberts

  • Roxie Ferguson

    I love disappointing products posts, I tried the Bell face powder and mouse foundation and got on pretty well with them. I bought a UV lamp set recently to and have no idea how my nails are supposed to last chip-free for 2-3 weeks, I still only get a couple of days out of them.

    Roxie x

  • It’s a shame about Bell Cosmetics, I’ve only heard good things about them. That contraption is just weird looking?! I think I’d rather pay like £30 to get my nails done by a pro haha. I dunno, the toothpaste doesn’t sound that bad if it actually whitens your teeth at such a cheap price, the taste isn’t exactly the most important. I love your honesty though!

    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // xo

  • I would not be putting that weapon near my face haha. I like reading disappointing product posts as much as positive ones as nice to see the honesty

    Carrieanne xx


  • I’ve tried the tweezerman smooth finish remover too and I liked it but it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be x


  • I hate disappointing products i saw that tweezerman product and i was like what the hell is that thing it looks so weird


  • I love the round up nature of these posts,as you say with things like this you don’t need to go into too much depth

  • Claire Cavanagh

    These posts are SO useful, so thanks for your honesty! I’d probably still try out the Pearl Drops toothpaste as I’m all about the whiter smile though 🙂

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

  • Great guest post! I’m definitely adding some mentioned pieces to my wish list, thanks for your sharing.

    Anni // MissyDress *_*