Dior Counter Makeover – Meadowhall Ladies Night.

Being a beauty blogger means I’m very excited for tonight as it’s finally the night we’ve all had marked on our shopping calendars, Meadowhall’s Ladies Night is here! If you’re a shopaholic like me, then you’ll understand my enthusiasm for the fun packed night of discounts, giveaways and celebrities. It’s all kicking off tonight at 6pm until 9pm where the main entertainment will be in the Oasis where Capital FM will be showcasing JoJo’s new fashion collection from Fashion Pony. TOWIE’s Amy Childs and Fern McCann will also be there with pop up boutiques. They’ll also be a chance to win a pair of shoes, in true Disney-style, if the shoe fits, you keep it! How amazing? As if that wasn’t enough they’ll also be a chance to take your shopping home for free! So, you’re probably wondering why I’m doing a post before the event? Well, Meadowhall sent me off to try out one of Dior’s Flash Makeup lessons which will also be available on the night…

Dior Counter Makeover
As an extremely beauty orientated person, I jumped at the chance and happily skipped along to try out Dior’s new spectacularly colourful eyeliners and mascaras. Definitely something that I don’t normally wear, but somehow I found myself falling in love with an electric blue eyeliner and of course, it’s packaging (it is Dior after all.) Their Flash lessons will be based around one area, and with their new Summer Collection being so beautifully bright, it seems like eyes are going to be the focus at Dior tonight. I decided to go a little brighter than usual and try out one of their new gorgeously bold palettes, that has the most stunning blue shades I have ever seen. The pigments are out of this world, I couldn’t say I was shocked about that, after all, Dior is hardly going to disappoint. I can’t say blue eyeshadow will become my everyday look but after my eyeshadow was done, my lovely makeup artist moved onto the electric blue eyeliner that really makes the eyes pop. Instead of carrying on with an overly dramatic look, she blended it half way with the black eyeliner to give it a more traditional black flick finish. Which meant it was far easier to get away with during the day. Next up I got to try their Dior Addict IT Lash, and oh my goodness, forgive me whilst I waffle. This mascara is out of this world. The makeup artist explained that it is meant to add volume and definition but mainly for it’s intense black, which I could see the second it was applied. My eyes immediately opened up, and looked incredible. I also got the cutest sample bottle of the mascara to take home too, you can only imagine how happy I was about that. Afterwards, blue mascara was added to the tips to enhance the colour of my eyes.

My skin didn’t want to play nice and blend in easily, which meant my Flash Lesson was extended whilst my face was quickly fixed with the help of their Forever Foundation and the most gorgeous blush I have ever seen. The foundation only lasted around 3 hours on my skin before oxidising too darkly and my oily skin took over. However, after being fixed I soon looked myself and had a wonderful experience at Dior overall. So if you’re heading to Ladies Night tonight, get yourself over to Dior and add a little flick of colour to your face this Summer or maybe even some colourful tips!

*The blog post was written for Meadowhall but opinions are all my own.*