Dinner Party with Ilumi

My family and I have always been keen to try out new things and this month we got the chance to have a little dinner party with Ilumi World. Ilumi specialise in casseroles, soups, and curries that are all gluten, nut and milk free food. They are all stored in convenient microwaveable packets making them perfect for quick meals, or to really impress your guests with the burst of flavours. Ilumi thought instead of putting ingredients into their food that some people may have allergies to (milk, eggs, and gluten) that they’d find a completely different way to create their incredible meals. Which most are vegan and all low in calories making them nutritious and healthy! Normally with microwaveable meals, the tastiness of them is always questionable and often regarded as bland, however, with Ilumi that’s certainly not the case. We got the chance to try out the Gastro Pub menu with rice and gluten free beer.

To cook the packets you simply pop them in the microwave or immerse them in water, you can even empty the contents into a pan if you like! They remind me of Mrs and Mr Smith where Angelina never cooked yet seem to have delicious looking meals, it’s the perfect way to trick your guests and show off. Fantastic for people who don’t have time to cook and still want to eat healthy too.

The meals included 275g pouches of Coq au Vin, Tender Pork with Suffolk Cider & Wholegrain Mustard, Succulent Lamb in Gluten Free Ale with Haricot Beans and Venison Casserole with Pancetta & Sloe Gin all at £3.75. As well as 300g pouches of Tomato and red pepper soup and Spicy Butternut squash soup at £1.75 each and a couple packets of Long Grain Rice at just £1 for 175g!


As you can see they’re the perfect portion sizes at very reasonable prices for low calorie yet delicious meals. The packets were bursting with flavours which were very unique and distinct, definitely no blandness or boring tastes amongst them. The meat was soft, juicy and there was plenty of it for a reasonable portion. My family really like vegetables so we decided to cook some on the side also. We all agreed that it was some of the most delicious and healthy meals we’ve had ever!


We even had a packet of Coq Au Vin (which I would like to thank Masterchef for teaching me how to pronounce) leftover which I took to work to enjoy. It was fast, easy and filling! As far as I can see, most dishes are under 500 calories with some being as little as 200! Perfect for a calorie controlled diet too!

I’d definitely try more from Ilumi and I’ve already got my eye on the new Mediterranean menu for Summer! They’d be perfect for breaks at work, especially where healthy food is sparse and expensive to find. Ilumi World even have an offer on where you can get 4 dishes for just £10! Making it an absolute bargain to feed the family, friends, or yourself for a couple nights. It’s hassle free, delicious and has a massive thumbs up from my family and me!