Degustabox – May 2014.

Degustabox is back on the blog with the latest month’s amazing contents! For those who don’t what what Degustabox is, simply put, it’s a food version of a monthly beauty subscription box, but obviously a lot tastier. For only £12.99, 9-14 surprises will turn up, beautiful package and awaiting you to try them out. It’s amazing if you’re looking to widen your taste buds and try new things. Last month (which you can read here) I found myself pretty divided between my box’s contents, and I definitely am again this month despite finding a few new cupboard must haves.

Boxes contents:
Garofalo pasta – £1.89/each
Cawston – £1.00
Taylors of Harrogate – £2.99
Raw Chewing Gum – £0.99/each
Cirio Sauce– passata £1.35
Cirio puree £1.10
Hornsby’s Beer– £5.00 4 x 330ml pack
Kettle Crisps – £2.49
Elizabeth shaw Dark Chocolate – £2.59/each
Dr. Oetker Cake Release Spray – £2.28/each
On the go granola – £1.29

I must admit I was shocked to see the same product, Cawston apple drink, in this box as well as my last. Of course I can understand contents maybe repeating themselves eventually, but not this fast. I didn’t like it to start with and I positively hated the drink this time. As I said before, fantastic idea behind it, but the taste is personally just not for me.
Another disappointing item was Granola on the Go. I don’t quite like the concept of ‘just add water’ to a tiny portion of Granola as it always becomes tasteless and disappointing, so this time I decided to rebel against the rules on the packet and add milk. I must admit, it was a good shout on my behalf as I really started enjoy it, until around the third mouthful when the packet was then empty…

Being not the biggest fan of beer, my Dad is really enjoying his new job role as Beer Reviewer, he described Hornsby’s as ‘light and refreshing’, but didn’t like the strawberry and lime as that tasted like ‘pop’. Normally I can drink more fruity beers, however, this was even too sweet for me. Definitely something to look out when shopping for a perfect Summery Beer!

My Mum ran to the kitchen when she saw this Cirio Puree sauce, our favourite Celebrity Chef, Gino, constantly raves on about it so we’ve been wanting to try it out for a while now. The pasta was perfect to accompany the sauce and puree, this side of the box certainly did inspire a couple meals. I much prefer it when sent more of a structured meal than little random parts, we could have easily teamed the pasta with chicken and voila, a meal! I also really love the idea behind the RAW chewing gum which contains caffeine as an ‘energy’ kick. Definitely something that everyone needs at the bottom of their bag, as well as the delicious dark chocolate sticks from Elizabeth Shaw. They’re a little pricey at £2.59 but after tasting them I would definitely go out and buy a pack without a second thought. I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate, but these were deliciously light making them very enjoyable and guilt free.

I am going to be reviewing the Degustabox for the next few months so stay tuned (for a lot quicker) reviews! Have you thought about trying a Degustabox yet?