Date Night Hamper from Jacamo

This Easter I’ve spent the entire weekend over at Alfie’s house, being treated like a Princess in general and more so after getting involved with Jacamo Date Night Campaign! Jacamo have launched their ‘Let Yours Shoes Do The Talking’ which came around after they surveyed women to find out that the first thing women are visually drawn to are a man’s shoes! I can’t say I’m like that at all, shoes are shoes to me. If anything, I’d be put off it someone was wearing £200 on their feet rather than £20, but, apparently that’s not what a lot of women think.
Date Night Hamper from Jacamo
In fact, the campaign (which you can read about here) shows that 51% of Women look at a man’s shoes to figure out his personality….it baffles me. However, Jacamo have even got male bloggers on board to share their own tips, advice and picks of shoes to help men with romance by pairing them with the right shoes! That’s just the first part of their campaign, Jacamo wanted to spread their findings by giving Bloggers dating kits and letting our partners show their romantic sides.
Well, a ‘date night in’ hamper to be specific. The hamper included wine, chocolates, bubble bath, massage oil, a candle, a literally ‘cheeky’ book on one liners and a ‘romantic’ film. I was surprised and a little excited to see that the hamper came with strict instructions for me not to look inside and actual instruction for Alfie to follow on the night. I obviously peaked inside (my excuse was I needed to take a picture…) but I did leave the instructions down to Alfie, which I still haven’t seen actually.
Date Night Hamper from Jacamo
Our date night was rather a date day as we spent it by the River whilst Alfie kept my glass topped up and all my needs met, I’ve been a pampered pooch to be honest. After I finished playing in the River with Alfie’s little dog, Len, we headed back inside where Alfie ran off for a while, and came back to lead me down a very dark corridor, to a beautiful candle lit bathroom and a bubble bath running. He then headed off to cook, which he has been doing all weekend anyway, but he did indeed make a special effort with incense, more candles, and a bigger bottle of wine to compliment the meal perfectly.
Date Night Hamper from Jacamo
We then spent the night cuddled up with a little drink watching all the programmes we had missed earlier that night, as The Notebook and I aren’t really friends, and I didn’t fancy crying my eyes out. Alfie is pretty romantic to start with, and this weekend alone has definitely shown me that he likes to pamper, so much so that I’m still here (and he’s back in the kitchen cooking!)
This is probably one of the funnest ways I’ve seen to promote a campaign and it has made me love Jacamo even more for it!

So now I’m interested, is your partner romantic?*Hamper sent for the post

  • This is the cutest thing evvverrr! 🙂 I love the encouragement to be sweet and romantic – a nice campaign! To be honest I’m lucky my boyfriend and I are always very romantic, he’s a soppy thing truth be told haha! I love it though. Glad to see you’ve been pampered miss! Love to you both 🙂 xx

  • I would love this! It is so cute! I think we all need weekends like this to be romantic and gooey and just be together! <3 Xx

  • Claire Cavanagh

    This is such a nice idea haha! Looks like you both had a lovely night 🙂

    Claire | | xx

  • LeKinkyTiger

    This sounds like such a great campaign!
    I don’t have a boyfriend or a relationship but this sounds so great yet cute!

  • Kirsty Baker

    This is such a great idea, soo cute! I too cry at the Notebook, like full on sob aha! My Fiance is quite romantic I suppose but not in the overly obvious way. He does small things like cook for me or offer to give me a foot rub if i’ve had a tough day 🙂 xx

  • Hey =) I nominated you for an award on my blog and I hope you find the time to answer the questions I’ve created.