Das Rock Haus – Luna Wrap Skirt


This is truly the prettiest skirt I have ever owned and it was only by chance that I even came across the wonderful and empowering brand, Das Rock Haus. During a Facebook thread where owner Fiza and I were chatting away, she kindly offered to send me one of her absolutely stunning skirts to review and I am beyond happy with it. If you’ve been on She Might Be Loved for a little while now, you’ll be seeing a lot of blue lately as it works amazing against my pale skin and bright red hair. You can only imagine how happy wearing a silky, floaty, bright blue skater skirt makes me.
Das Rock Haus, Luna Wrap Skirt, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
Das Rock Haus (German for The Skirt House) want people to see that being beautiful is truly skin deep and has nothing to do with sizes, therefore, they have left out the usual sizing numbers and opted for positive, complimentary words instead where none are better than the others. Cute is for sizes 0-4, Appealing 6-10, Ravishing 12-16, Luscious 18-24 and Exquisite 26-32. Which means they literally cater for everyone across the scale. The sizes are quite flexible with it being a wrap skirt, this means that the skirt actually comes as one long piece of material with two long ties, that you can then wrap and tie around as you please. I actually love this as it means I can wrap it tighter or thicker to create a smaller or more defined waist which doesn’t then need a waist belt.
Das Rock Haus, Luna Wrap Skirt, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
The Luna Wrap Skirt ranges from $50-$80 depending on the material use and literally goes up $10 a size. I realise that some people don’t like this, but as a small company I completely understand the need to cover costs and I don’t mind it at all for the quality. The skirts can be altered to a bigger size if need be, or longer if you’d like also. Das Rock Haus has even said that there would be no charge for anything up to 5 inches adding which is incredible generous. You can even ask for the skirt in full length, but then it would be a little extra. I’m definitely considering it for the Summer though!
 The skirt on myself comes to just above my knees and then there’s the see through panels which means I do feel more comfortable with leggings on, however, with 5 extra free inches I’d definitely go bare legged for this skirt.
What do you think to this adorable skirt? Is it something you’d wear?
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