Dark Angel Halloween Look with Ann Summers!

This is my second and final Halloween look/video in collaboration with Ann Summers! I can’t say this look was the easiest to decide on, as I went from being a Spider Queen, to a Weeping Angel before finally arriving at this Dark/Fallen Angel Halloween Look. With it being such a glamorous outfit, the thought of covering myself in grey paint and drawing on numerous wrinkles didn’t appeal to me. However, a smokey purple lip and black lips definitely did. The outfit I’m wearing is the Ann Summers Fallen Angel* dress in a 22. It is incredibly short, and I’d say it’s very true to size as I normally wouldn’t go for something skin tight in a 20, simply because it wouldn’t fit. This dress is also a halter neck and a tie up corset styled which would accommodate for a slightly bigger bust than my 40FF or much smaller. My favourite wig company, Annabelle’s Wigs, also kindly provided this beautiful Charlotte wig that completed the look perfectly. Be sure to head over to my Youtube Channel and watch the video!
Dark Angel Halloween Look with Ann Summers, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
1) Remember to prep properly. Here, I have used LUSH’S VANISHING CREAM and YOUNIQUE’S GLORIOUS PRIMER.
2) Usually I would stick in any contacts I was going to use now, however I forgot and did this much later. I love my MESMEREYEZ GREY CONTACTS.
3) Apply your base. I mixed together Illamasqua Rich Base and Revlon Colour Stay to create a very heavy and flawless base. I only add a thin layer to start whilst I do my eye makeup and then I add more later. I’m also using a Nanshy Foundation Brush.
4) Using the COLOUR SPORT SMOKEY EYES AND PERFECT BROWS KIT I filled in my eyebrows really lightly before going back in heavier later.

5) Starting with a white, I then mapped out the shape of my eyes using the ‘MEET MATT(E) NUDE PALETTE’ from The Balm UK and my Real Technique brushes.
6) Blend constantly and blend everything before going in with darker or brighter colours. I added Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares palette to make my eyes pop.
7) Using the new Makeup Revolution Blush stick in Matte Malibu and a Real Techniques contour brush, I mapped out my face and blended a lot. I definitely added way too much at this stage and the colour is far too dark for me to contour with, but I wanted something to warm and slim my face down. The creamy consistency worked perfectly.
8) Add a white to highlight, I went back in with Illamasqua Rich Base and blended everything in together before adding just a hint more to anywhere that needed a little extra coverage.
9) Set into place with a powder. I grabbed my Maybelline Stay Matte and a Furless Cosmetics brush.
10) Blend out your eyes some more before adding a much darker colour right to the corners. I’m using a Real Techniques brush and the Give Me Nightmares Palette again.
11) Time for black lips! If you have a black lipstick, use that. I didn’t so I used Illamasqua’s Precision Ink with an Epic Lip balm on top to make it comfortable.
12) Favourite mascara time again, curl your lashes before applying a mascara. I’m using the Max Factor Masterpiece max which is applied numerous times and I ran a little through my brows to keep them in line also.
13) Next I used my new The Balm UK Hot Mamma Blusher which is absolutely stunning. I didn’t want too much colour, but it really made my cheeks glow.
14) Add that extra drama with a black pencil, I’m using my new Lola one.
15) Highlight your eyes and make them stand out further. I am using the absolutely incredibly The Balm UK Mary Lou Manizer.
16) As mentioned, Annabelle’s Wig and Contact lenses have been applied and now it’s time for lashes. Here I’m using two pairs of Chelsea Beautique Lashes and applying a little mascara to my bottom lashes.
17) Add on other accessories such as fluffy halos and sparkly, fluffy wings to complete this truly terrifying look.
18) Pause awkwardly and you’re done!
Dark Angel Halloween Look with Ann Summers, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

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