Damart Knot Front Dress

Damart is a French company, founded in 1953 who stock sizes 8 – 32. They don’t specify that they are, but they certainly come across as a website that is for an older customer, especially older than me at a mere 21. However, I still wanted to try them out and add them to my list of tried and tested, so I looked through pages and pages to find something that would work on me and I came across this Damart Knot Front Dress in a polka dot style print. It’s £39 and it’s a really stretchy polyester that doesn’t cling and it doesn’t bake you either. I thought this looked a lot longer on the model but that’s because it comes in two lengths, 44 and 48, obviously I was sent the 44 but I didn’t mind when it arrived and actually wore it on the way to Adele as it was SO comfy. I had to alter the top of the dress as it was far too frumpy and covered up for my liking, and eventually I’ll stitch it properly as the sweetheart style really suits me and this print.

The knot on the dress is really interesting as you can slightly adjust it to show more or less cleavage, I love this design as often knotted dresses don’t sit right on some busts and this avoids that problem all together. I love the 44” length on me as it’s a great length for the hotter weather. I opted for a size 22 but I definitely could have stuck to my usual size of a 20, I just don’t want anything too fitted at the minute with my back pain as I’d probably feel obliged to wear more structured and uncomfortable underwear, this way I can have whatever on and still look fabulous.
Damart Knot dress Damart Knot dress

I can’t say that I love the dress, or that I would have ever paid for it as I hate paying for things, especially when they’re not exactly cheap, when I have to customise them to make them a better fit. It just doesn’t make it worth it for me. Damart doesn’t really have many items that I would wear but it’s really difficult to tell with their models and some are quite older and none are plus size, so it’s incredible difficult to imagine what anything would look like on me. I imagine a lot of things would look amazing on but you’d have to go through the effort of ordering different styles and sizes in the first place to see what works.

Bit of a downer but I did like how the photos turned out, I definitely picked the nicest dress on the website for my shape and style!

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