DAMChic Magazine & Ice Queen Look!

I’ve been wanting to create a Snow/Ice Queen look for months now, ever since the Halloween series. Finally I got the chance to do it, when I was contacted my DAMChic Magazine for their #DAMSurreal contest, where readers would create a surreal look. DAMchic Magazine is Oregon State University’s premiere fashion & lifestyle magazine run completely by OSU students. I was incredibly excited, but couldn’t reveal my entry properly (I always post Instagram spoilers though) until the issue came out. After a little delay, it is finally here! The winner would receive a handcrafted necklace by their Social Media Manager Natalie Menard, as well as being mentioned in the Magazine. I’m over the moon to tell you all that, I WON!

Ice Queen

My Snow/Ice Queen took first place, and I’m ridiculously proud. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be published, I just had to give my name, age, and why I enjoyed the competition. Looking back I wish I said something a little more interesting…but oh well, it’s my first time in a magazine! I’m on page 80 for those who want to go looking.
I absolutely love Winter and despite it being Spring, it’s been a freezing start to it. So I thought my Ice Queen would be perfect. I ordered a white lace sheet, and Annabelle’s Wigs, who I recently reviewed here, came to my rescue and sent the most beautiful wig, the Blonde curly, long, wig called EVA. It arrived the morning after they offered to help, outstanding generosity that made the look beyond what I ever imagined and I’m incredibly grateful. The wig felt real and most importantly looked real. I’m already planning a few more looks with it. Some Disney, of course!

ice queen makeup look, annabelle's wigs, shemightbeloved

As always, I tried to stick to mainly budget beauty product as I want them to be affordably recreated for anyone who might want to. I used a MUA white eyeshadow mixed with Max Factor’s Long Lasting Performance Foundation to create the white base, as at the time I hadn’t purchased Rich Liquid yet. On top I used Collection 2000 pressed powder, with MUA cosmetics palette Poptastic to contour. I used all the blues and purples to create the desired look. The most expensive product used was Illamasqua’s Scribe, their white eyeliner, which I used as a mascara, eyeliner and to paints on some now flakes. I then used my Illamasqua pencil in Honour to make my lips look pink and sore, as if they were cold. I did have a pretty successful first run through of this look that I wanted to share as well.

ice queen makeup look, annabelle's wigs, shemightbeloved
The pictures in this issue are absolutely incredibly, and very creative. I especially love the cover as it seems a little dark. Their Metaphysical Issue is out now and is packed of stunning imagery and interesting articles.
If you want to see DAMChic’s full magazine, including the other contestants entries then you can head over to their Facebook page, where there’s a link to the Magazine and their blog.