Curvissa Floral Summer Tea Dress

Usually, I’ll only go for dresses in the style that I would usually wear, but in the blogging world, you can’t always do that. Why you may ask? Well, simply because sometimes companies want certain dresses promoted and you have to choose between them. Not normally information that I would divulge, but more often that not, it leads to trying different styles that you wouldn’t usually and ones that actually work really well. You should all know me by now, I’m a blabber mouth and I’ll share the secrets of how things work without hesitating.


Curvissa Floral Summer Tea Dress


In this case, I can’t be annoyed at how the blogging system works as I actually love how this dress works on me. This Curvissa Floral Summer Tea Dress is shockingly lovely, on the website I was a little skeptical, but it was the only thing I thought I could make work. Gifi has taught me about the importance of shoulder pads, and this dress could definitely do with them, but thankfully in the photos, my shoulders played game and puffed themselves out properly. I’m 5’3 and the length is debatable, I’ll only go legging-less if a dress comes below the knee because of factors like the wind and dignity. However, this is just ON the knee, so for someone taller, it might be an issue. The waist area is quite long, which on a fat person, usually does not work well, so I did have to tie the belt tightly and higher this up a tad.

Curvissa Floral Summer Tea Dress
Curvissa Floral Summer Tea Dress
It has a slight cut out on the bust and as it’s such thin material, it does allow the bust room without squashing it. Overall the size (I’m wearing a 20) is pretty much spot on, I have no complaints with it at all. I’d probably wear this dress to a casual day event, as it’s not quite dressy enough to wear for a special occasion, but now casual enough to wear around the house. A nice in-between dress. At £55 it’s a tad pricey, but definitely one of those dresses that you can really style up, or play down, it’s a 4* dress for me!This post is also part of a blogger style it 5 ways, so go check out how everyone else styled their looks!

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