The Curve Fashion Festival 2017 with Lindybop

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that I’m going to be in a BBC iPlayer series on young entrepreneurs later on this month. It’s been such an exciting experience filming it and I’m really glad I’m finally doing something like this. It’s all about social media, which means we needed an awesome event to film at to show the power and influence on the online world, and so The Curve Fashion Festival was definitely the best event to go to!

This meant that at super last minute I had to organise everything and I was so happy and lucky to work with Lindybop during the event. Not only did I get an exclusive look at their new collection to show you all, but I also got an exclusive discount for this month (LOVED10 for 10% off!During the day I headed over to the Lindybop stand to talk with customers, film a couple videos, do an Instagram live, and take photos with my favourite pieces. The Lindybop team are such a lovely and beautiful bunch of ladies! I was so happy to work with a brand that I truly actually love, I happily spend my own money on them, and I’m always looking at their new in.

curve fashion festival curve fashion festival

Wearing the Lavender Lisette.

The BBC was following me around during the first couple hours of being there, and a couple people did say that they didn’t come up to me as they didn’t want to bother us, so I’m really sorry about that! I loved talking to everyone who did come up to us though, it’s so lovely meeting people that I’ve followed for years and meeting new people too! I didn’t mean to scare anyone off at all but I know that not everyone will want to be filmed.

As soon as the BBC left it meant that Ryan and I got to attempt to do the rounds and see all the brands there. But by this time I was in an insane amount of pain so unfortunately we did miss a couple brands and bloggers that I really wanted to see. What we did end up seeing though was super impressive, there’s some seriously beautiful pieces coming out soon and here are a couple brands that I’ve got my eye on!


Very was the last stall we visited and everything on their stall was so beyond gorgeous! The mix of plus brands they stock is so impressive and their own V by Very Curve range is stunning alone. The styles we saw had both me and Ryan quite shocked to be honest, I think they may possible have one of the strongest party season collections I’ve seen. There’s lace, velvet, embroidery, mesh, sequins, bright colours, and so much more. I’ve had a look on the website and it doesn’t look like these have launched yet, but I’m definitely going to be watching like a hawk!

curve fashion festivalcurve fashion festival

Studio 8

You know when you can’t stop staring at someone as they just look so stunning? This happened twice at CFF and both time they were wearing Studio 8. The Bella Full Length Dress is absolutely breathtaking and probably one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. Not as dressy, but definitely still as beautiful is the Tess Tapework Dress, I believe it was a lady from their Head Office wearing it and W O W, she looked amazing! This truly is just one of the most perfect autumnal pieces that I’ve seen so far!

curve fashion festival

River Island

River Island has one of the best stalls at The Curve Fashion Festival because not only do they sell clothes there, but they also have a rack of the upcoming collection, allowing you a peek (and even a try on). I would highly recommend all brands do to this as it’s truly so exciting, especially when the pieces look as good as this…

curve fashion festival curve fashion festival curve fashion festival curve fashion festival


Accessories, preview of an upcoming Silver Screen collection and their new homeware collection? Lindybop know how to have an exciting stall! I was practically drooling over their upcoming Silver Screen dresses, they’re so beautiful and such amazing quality too. You’ve already had a preview of 5 dresses in my previous post, and of course I was wearing my favourite design, which is the Lisette on the day too. I love that Lindybop have used a well known plus model in their upcoming campaign too, Louise Varns.

curve fashion festival

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I am so happy for Topsy Curvy and their latest news of teaming up with Lovedrobe, Jo works so hard and has created an amazing brand so this was just amazing news to hear! I picked up this cute Trick or Treat top for October and their Halloween collection is really cute!

Of course I just had to visit the Nicky Rockets stand, I can’t believe it took me so long to finally try one of their tops out but now I live in them! I love that they’re a thicker material, the slashed neck is my favourite style, and the prints are the best. I love the Disney Villain trio and they’re currently still selling at CFF prices, so be quick!

curve fashion festival

curve fashion festival

Of course I stopped by Navabi to say hi to one of my favourite brands! As always their clothes are so stunning and I’ve just had the most beautiful skirt delivered that I’m so excited to show you all!

And I made sure to stop by Yours Clothing too who looked super busy all day! I loved how much mens wear there was at The Curve Fashion Festival this year, including Bad Rhino! If you didn’t know, my Alfie is actually a blogger for Bad Rhino and we’re really loving their clothes. The quality is amazing and the prices are so affordable!

curve fashion festival

curve fashion festival

I also stopped by State of Mind who had a personalised goodie bag for me, including a water bottle with my name on! SO CUTE! I loved their clothes when I used to go to the gym but now my pain is worse I’ve ended up just wearing them around the house and the quality is unreal. They last SO well, they wash well, and they really don’t wear out easily at all.

I really loved this year, I liked that there were more food and drink choices, that there was more seating, and the VIP area was definitely bigger. It still needs more seating but it’s definitely a great step in the right direction! Plus having it in the first room rather than right at the bottom of the convention center was much easier! We did take a wheelchair for me which helped so much with my pain, I definitely wouldn’t of managed the event without it or my amazing friend, Ryan!

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  • Looks like such an amazing event.
    The VERY range looks right up my street!
    Well done on the BBC show, I can’t wait to watch it!!

    Gillian xx