My Current Favourite Bras

It’s very rare that I’ll be sent a bra to review that I actually like, I’m just such a fussy person when it comes to my boobs. They’re my favourite part of me, well except my face and hair, and they’ve always been important. I like to show them off in outfits, which means I need the right bras underneath. My chronic pain and failing body is really ruining this for me as now I need bras that are slightly bigger in the back so they don’t dig in when I have to slouch/move differently with my pain. That presents a lot of problems because obviously, if you don’t have the right fitting bra, a whole host of things go wrong. But I have to compromise. I want lift and comfort and the last three bras I’ve been sent for review have been exactly that, making them my current favourite bras.

Rougette is the new sister brand of Tutti Rouge and first impressive are that it’s going to be a seriously popular brand. What’s so good about them? D+ cup bras at £15 – £20! I kid you not. When was the last time you saw a pretty, PADDED, D+ cup bra for under £30 let alone £20? Most bras I’ve been looking at lately have been an eye-watering £40. We’ll start with this gorgeous leopard print number, the Erica bra at £20. It’s a moulded cup with mesh fabric and slings around the bottom of the cup. These make it super comfortable to wear too.

The second is this super sexy Alexa Bra at £20, and it’s definitely my new favourite. At first the harness straps didn’t fit as I had the straps too loose, you definitely need to have this sitting right to get the full effects. It’s also a moulded cup with patterned mesh.

Both bras should be hand washed, well, all bras should be really to keep them alive for longer. I’ve been wearing these two bras so much since they first arrived and I’m so impressed with the brand, the styles, design, sizing, and pricing is incredible. I’m wearing a 40GG in both but ideally I should be wearing a 38H, which is why you can see that it’s not completely against my chest.

Another bra that I’ve been wearing a lot, my first Parfait bra! This actually got lost in the post but Fluorescent PR thankfully didn’t give up and I’m SO grateful because it’s one of the best bras I’ve ever owned. The Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Icy Blue Padded Bra is such an awesome bra, not to mention pretty! I actually wore this during my Lindybop AW Preview Shoot as I just loved it straight away. It’s at £33 and it’s worth every penny. I love the slightly bigger band at the back, although I can’t put it on myself, it’s such a comfortable fit for my chronic back pain. I’m wearing a 40GG in this too and again, I could do with a 38G so it sits to my chest but as I can’t, this will do for now!

I’m so happy with my current bra wardrobe, I’ve got rid of all my bad bras and I’ve bought an array of extenders to make my life easier and they really do help break in some bras. These didn’t need it at all as they’re all quite stretchy and not tough like when you get some new bras.

What do you think? Have you tried any awesome bras lately?

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  • I love the parfait bra – sadly mine doesn’t fit any more though!

    C x