#CosyWinterBed with Bed Guru

This year I changed the way I worked and moved from the desk next to my bed, to my office in the next room. Half office, half my brother’s room for when he stops over. It meant that my bedroom became an actual place to relax. A weird concept for me. Despite chronic pain meaning I have to nap and sleep a lot, other than that I’m always busy. Whether it’s emails or keeping up with social media, I rarely ever switch off. The first time I went to actually do work in my new relaxing, blue and grey toned bedroom was a very different experience. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t anything, I couldn’t get comfy, I couldn’t work properly, I couldn’t stand my computer chair on my ridiculously expensive fluffy carpet. So I stopped. My room is now just a place to sleep, occasionally get ready (as I prefer my bigger desk in my office) and relax. That’s why I was so keen to get involved with Bed Guru‘s Cosy Winter Bed campaign to celebrate the launch of their new hand-made bedding to match their custom size beds. Bed Guru have sent me a package of things to make my room even cosier!

(The kit and bedroom before, taken from that angle as I was going to have the cup on the bedside)CosyWinterBed with Bed Guru CosyWinterBed with Bed Guru

I personally think that making a room cosy is all about the colours and layout. Clutter isn’t relaxing, cosy, or inviting so whenever our room is completely clean and clear, I always feel my happiest in there. Alfie doesn’t quite get what a clean room does for me, he’s what you’d call, lazy. But whenever I can get him to clean my room does look super cute. When we were redecorating I made a last-minute decision to have a blue feature wall. I find blue calming so I thought a pale, slight lavender blue would really bring into the room what I’m trying to do. Plus I was determined to never have dark colours again, no dark carpets, or curtains. I feel that dark colours drain me in comparison whereas light colours really brighten up my mood when I walk in.

CosyWinterBed with Bed Guru CosyWinterBed with Bed Guru

Fairy lights have always been my go to for a cosy room. Alfie ended up placing these around my fairytale inspired mirror (it’s from IKEA) and they look super cute. A hot water bottle and hot chocolates in winter are essential. I must have mine with marshmallows and then I can purr happily like a cat! I’m not one for really liking layers on my body, I get hot too quickly in socks, thick dressing gowns and thick pjs, but instead I adore blankets and throws and I’ll wear them when I’m cold instead. It makes no sense but a soft throw that I can stroke whilst falling asleep or simply have wrapped around me whilst I work on the colder days makes me super happy.

For me it’s really all about the small things.



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