Costellos Cakeaway Sheffield

*Now closed down*

This is just a quick appreciation post for the Cake that I have literally just had delivered, yes, DELIVERED, to my front door. A couple weeks ago I noticed Costellos Cakeaway’s Twitter account (@CostellosCake) with photos of delicious looking cakes that had been delivered to different people around Sheffield. I immediately thought it was such a brilliant idea, how many of us have sat at home wishing we had something sweet but not wanting to go fetch anything? You can have it delivered to your work place in bulk, or just order to your house when you’re having a cosy night in, or entertaining guests. Whilst sitting around the house tonight, my beautiful Mum said that she’d like something sweet and after an ‘iffy’ day, I straight away thought of Costellos and started looking at their website, Costellos Cakeaway. After eating healthily all week, I decided it was time for a treat. So we ordered 6 different ones, for my dad and brother as well, we also used the cat as an excuse for one. I obviously had to sample them all in order to give a full and honest review, this is my duty and I accept it. Here’s what we got…

ROCKY ROUTE ’66’ BROWNIE £2.50 – Chocolate, caramel, marshmallows, all things good in the world. I ordered this one for my brother, but unfortunately I had to confiscate this one as I’m watching his weight. (I’m saving it for later.)

CHOC’LATE LOVIN’ SPOON CAKE® £3.00 – Chocolate on chocolate, and not the tasteless chocolate that normally comes in cakes, ‘fake’ chocolate as my Mum calls it. This is definitely not that, this cake is beyond words. It’s sickly but in the way that makes you want to eat the entire cake in one.

BUBBLE MINT AERO CHEESECAKE £3.00 Smooth chocolate truffle cheesecake on a chocolate cookie base stuffed and topped with mint Aero chocolate balls. This one was a little too minty for me, so I asked my mum for her reaction, ‘MMMMMMM’, she also made some full mouthed muffles too.

RASPBERRY & WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE £3.00 – A gorgeous thick cheesecake with a soft bottom that was hand fired and glazed. Already sounds impressive but it literally melts in your mouth.

GOLDEN NUGGET CHEESECAKE £3.00 – I thought this would taste like a Crunchie, and seen as they’re my favourite Chocolate, I thought this Cheesecake would be my favourite from the bunch and definitely was! Crunchy honeycomb and vanilla cheesecake with chocolate, yummy.

COOKIE DOUGH COLLISION £3.00 – Vanilla cheesecake with chocolate, on chocolate with chocolate fudge sauce. Did I mention chocolate? We really like this one.

I think it goes without saying that even though this is our first time ordering, it definitely won’t be our last. The cakes come in little boxes making them perfect to store, carry around, or steal from other family members. If you live in Sheffield, you need Costellos Cakeaway in your life. They’re open 19:00 – 23:00 Wednesday – Sunday!

Disclaimer: Costellos Cakeaway had no idea I have a blog, or that I was going to write a blog post on them, but I felt that passionate about this cake, I had to.