Colour Friendly Haircare – Featuring Redken

I hate writing about haircare without properly reviewing it and now that I’m washing my hair less and less from working at home, I AM SO SLOW AT HAIR REVIEWS. On the plus size for you, it means I know these products inside out because I’ve completely finished the bottles and mourned for the ones I loved. The bad news for me is being mega behind but weirdly and thankfully, none of the brands here have hounded me a single time (let alone 253454 times like some) so it means I’m even happier to finally be writing this up.

The SexyHair range is so high up on my most loved list. There’s nothing sexier than red hair that doesn’t bleed all over you in the shower and stain your body red (yes, this seriously happens. Often.) in fact, I am SO impressed by this range I’d go as far as saying it’s one of the best colour locking ranges I’ve ever tried. I’m obviously not talking about the same level as Colour Wow, because that is WOW. But it is really good. What I’m noticing more and more after becoming 50 shades of ginger and grey on holiday (I’m 21, it’s more of a light blonde/dirty colour) is colour guarding products. Who the fuck knew!? I certainly didn’t and I ended up a hot mess for it. These types of products are amazing for before you hit the sun, pool, and just to use daily anyway. I will never be without one from now on, lesson well and truly learnt. The CC hair protector is a rather fancy oil as it have UV filters too. I should mention that the shampoo and conditioner are Sulphate, Gluten, Paraben and Salt free.

Sulphate-Free Colour Lock Shampoo & Conditioner £13.95 each.
Colour Guard Post Colour Sealer £13.95.
CC Hair Perfector £19.95.

Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Color LockCocoa Brown Kind Shampoo

Cocoa Brown created the best scrub I have ever used (Tough Stuff) so I had high hopes for their Kind Shampoo & Conditioner. They’re free from parabens and alcohol and therefore branded at people with sensitive scalps, coloured hair and even for hair extensions. You might be wondering what a fake tan brand is doing making a shampoo and conditioner and you’ll be surprised to know that the PH level of the products doesn’t interfere with your tan. Clever isn’t it!? The Shampoo & Conditioner available at Cloud 10 Beauty for £2.65 each, an absolute bargain!

beauty at creightons

Two products that I didn’t really love, but they DO work are the Frizz No More Sleek & Shine Miracle Serum at £1.99 and the Frizz No More Smooth & Shine Blow Dry Cream also at £1.99. They’re just cheap and cheerful products that do what they say on the bottles but they’re nothing special at all I’m afraid.

A range that is very special is Redken. I am in love. In fact I probably could have just done one solo post raving about how much I love everything from Redken, but that would probably be more fun for me than it would be for you. Redken is a new brand in my life and it all started with their blow dry cream which is absolutely fantastic. So much so that they said I had to try their spray version and dry shampoo because apparently they are amazing and I can indeed confirm this is a very true statement. The Two Day Extender really shocked and impressed me, it made my greasy locks come back to life. The Blowdry Express Primer is just awesome. Having long, thick hair means that I hate spending forever drying it, I also can’t put as much effort in anymore due to my chronic pain. So with an express spray, I can work in some blow drying as it dries a lot quicker and saves a lot of agony, literally.

The hairspray is life. I accidentally used the Versatile Working Spray one day inside, went to brush out my curls thinking it was the heavy duty hairspray and they flopped! Big fail on my behalf but true testament to how much trust I have in the hairspray as I NEVER brush my curls out as they always flop. I am genuinely adoring everything I’m coming across from Redken.

Colour Friendly Haircare Colour Friendly Haircare

Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray 170ml £17.00
Pillow Proof Two Day Extender 153ml  £17.00
Control Addict 28 Hairspray 400ml  £13.00
Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray 400ml  £13.00
Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray 250ml £13.00

Pureology red hair

Pureology is another one of those ranges that have really impressed me. All of these products in the Reviving Red range have a red pigment in them, meaning you’re always reviving and topping up your redness, it basically says it all in the title and they are truly fantastic products. They contain several types of oil, coconut, olive, sunflower, jojoba and jaljala which seal the hair and allows the pigment to stay and be brighter for longer. There’s something about using products the same colour as your hair, you really have a sense of security that they will do a better job than something bright white and foaming. These pretty much were all I used for weeks on end, I even caught Alfie trying to steal some, much to my amusement.
They’re hard to find online but look to be around £15 each, a very decent price for what they do.



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