Colour Freedom Hair Dye

I know, I dyed my hair 2 months ago according to Instagram, but think of it this way, some of you may have been waiting to find out if Colour Freedom hair dyes are any good but now I can give you the FULL low down. Nobody wants to know how the dye looks first on, that’s an easy one. We all want to know, how well does it last? Does it leak? Well, short version is I’m quite impressed as I did want a change, but would I use them again? Probably not. Let me explain…..
Colour Freedom Hair Dye
The Color Freedom dyes at £6.99, come in pretty packaging, easily marked with their colours, in 150ml tubes which should be enough for short/medium thick hair, but they’re not quite enough for mine now it’s too long and too thick. Colour Freedom is a range of 8 semi-permanent colours that ideally should be used on pre-lightened/light hair, however, the reason I shock many people when they see my hair in person is because I rarely ever bleach it, so I didn’t for this either. Luckily, my hair is in really good condition to say I haven’t had a hair cut in around 8 months and it’s always being dyed. To dye it this time, I simply just washed my red hair out for a little while until it was faded as much as possible. These dyes are a super thick and creamy formula, like Directions or Crazy Colour but they feel even more moisturising as they have shea butter and argan oil in them. They can even be used with a pasteliser to create pastel tones, I obviously haven’t tested this for myself so do your research first! I simply wanted to create a reddish/pink/purple tone to my hair, easy right? Well actually, it was. This is what it turned out like……
Colour Freedom Hair Dye
The colours mix together really well, their formulas are so beautiful that it was a complete ease. I first mixed Mystic Purple with Pink Pizazz, I did add far too much purple to start and it turns out the colour I was looking for was the exact colour of Pink Pizazz, so if I had two of those I would have got the perfect colour immediately. At first my roots were more purple and the ends of my hair were pinkier/redder, I didn’t mind at all and I rather liked it. Afterwards I mixed the other two Crimson Red and Magenta Dream together and that was a beautiful reddy/pink tone. I’m still a lot darker than I was but very much in the red zone.
So, h0w well do they last?
Quite well, they wash out a lot, like serious murder scenes in the bathroom all the time but the colour somehow remains strong. I’ve found that I didn’t top up between main dyes this time, but the colour runs a lot and everywhere. As in my forehead and if I was wearing my hair down, the colour actually rubs off onto my chest? Weird, I don’t know why, but with so much colour leakage in the water and in everyday life, it’s weird how they don’t fade easily.Why wouldn’t I use them again?
I’ve still got darker tones in my hair, but since using these I’ve coloured with Directions Cerise and that’s what I’m picking up again this weekend. The £3.99 for 100ml compared to £6.99 for 150ml is no contest really and Directions/Crazy Colour definitively don’t leak onto my chest without being bothered by water either.
However, for shorter, damaged hair, or if you want to try something different, I’d say it’s definitely worth spending a little extra for a treatment whilst you dye. The colours have really impressed me and their lasting power is a welcomed change. Color Freedom is exclusive to Superdrug.

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