Colour Freedom Crimson Red

It was over one and a half years ago when I first tried Colour Freedom (you can read the review here), and I did really like them, it just wasn’t cost effective with the look that I was trying to achieve at the time. However, now is different. A couple months back I had my hair bleached and lightened which means it’s a lot brighter and colours come out a lot more true now too. I’m using Vermilion Red from Crazy Colour or Direction when my roots are freshly bleached, which tends to come out a tad too orange, so I have to dye it twice to get the look I want. It isn’t ideal but they still remain to be the colours that work best for me.

I used Colour Freedom in Crimson Red a few weeks after bleaching my roots which means I had quite a bit of regrowth, but because Crimson Red is darker and more intense, it made my regrowth look amazing. It blended beautifully and my hair looked glorious! Unless you knew, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I was nearing the 7 week mark. It’s safe to say that it was super impressive.

Colour Freedom Crimson Red

I was so surprised with the colour, the blend, the vibrancy of my hair and how fresh my hair looked when it should look like it really needs bleaching again! It didn’t actually last as long this time, but I do think that’s down to my hair not having as much colour buildup as before to hold onto the dye, as my other dyes are wearing off just as fast now.

These are exclusive to Superdrug and they’ve currently got 1/3 off at just £4.66! I think I definitely want to start using these towards when my hair needs bleaching to hide my dark roots, and make sure my hair looks the best as possible. They don’t leave that slightly orange tint but at the same time they don’t make my hair super dark either. At £4.66 they’re a steal and I will definitely be picking some up!


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