ColourB4 Hair Bleach.

I’ve been feeling pretty boring lately with dark brown hair and felt like it was time for a change. Years ago I used ColourB4 bleach and it was absolutely fantastic! It left my hair bright ginger, and in such good condition to say it was bleach. Therefore, there was no other option on what to try this time.
Colour B4 has 3 parts, adding A+B and leaving them for 30 minutes, or 1 hour for double strength. I left it on an hour and then used part C to wash it out for over 10 minutes. I think I could have left it on longer, as my ends barely lightened at all.
colour b4

Then I thought I would cheat my way to red hair, by just using the brightest colour I’ve ever used in the past. L’oreal. Very naively I thought I’d just go back to having my BRIGHT red hair, but no luck.
loreal feria hair dye
It does have some kind of red tint, but nothing to the extent of what I wanted. I will get my desired result again. Eventually. 
me with red hair
On the left is now, and right is my beautiful bright red hair of 2011, tears in my eyes looking back. I do love red hair.